Fedora Reviews

The neverending battle between Fedora and Ubuntu

Positive Review by BjornR
about Fedora and Ubuntu Apr 2012

I've used Fedora Cora 5 in the past and i could barely use it (because of a lack of knowledge). When i decided to completely move from Windows to GNU/Linux, i had to choose between many distros.
The Linux Distribution Chooser by Zegenie studios matched up 4 distros to my taste and knowledge.
One of those distros was Ubuntu, another Fedora.

I knew Ubuntu had dedicated users and wide support but because i'm into servers and one told me RedHat was very popular for servers i eventually chose Fedora.

Judging Fedora on itself is quite difficult since one is only seeing the Gnome graphical frontend by default.
Hardware such as my UPS, scanner and printer were automatically recognized, no drivers or the like required!

  • [PRO] for selinux
  • [PRO] for community support
  • [CON] for requiring root password during updates (instead of sudo)
  • [CON] for limited package manager (one must know at least part of the name for a package)

I simply can't list all pro's and cons. Try Fedora, you'll like it!