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Comment by richyram
about FastStone Image Viewer · Mar 2017 ·

I've been using it for years; easy to use...never a problem.

Comment by nanoprog
about FastStone Image Viewer · Mar 2017 ·

free, fast, versatile. One drawback on linux: doesn't like all wine versions. With some: thumbnails are not generated for many images, and occasionaly looses mouse focus (can't click/right click for a strange reason (same happened with different application))


simply put... brilliant !

about FastStone Image Viewer · · 1 Helpful

i haven't really gone through all of its features, but when i downloaded this i wanted one thing and only one thing; an image viewer that would go into full screen mode and can be controlled using the keyboard..
this can do it and howwwww ! plus the added incentive of moving the mouse to different corners to get a plethora of options..
The options include ability to edit the image files in-house
I love the utility it has to apply current image as the custom wallpaper
more importantly, even on an old machine like mine the application is pretty smooth even with a large number of images within one folder

amazing work i must say... worth donating to the developer
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The best image organizer, viewer, converter, editor...

about FastStone Image Viewer and Picasa · · 1 Helpful

I started using FastStone Image Viewer not so long ago after being fed up with Picasa. Don't get me wrong, I think Picasa is a good piece of software, but it's so limited in functionality compared to FastStone Image Viewer. I never liked the fact that every time you edit a photo in Picasa it creates a hidden copy of the original one. I mean, I understand why they did that, but I personally like to have full control over my photos right from the program, which also means if I want to overwrite the originals, I should be able to do it. FastStone Image Viewer contains some very powerful editing tools. The full-screen viewer is fast. I love how you can zoom in by just holding your left mouse down and moving it over the photo. The batch convert feature is simply amazing! And there's also a portable version. Simply A+ :)

I agree on all points

Yup indeed, I agree with you on all points as well. I used to test another Image Viewer before I started using FastStone Image Viewer. They are both great!