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Best screencaper app (and that's the tip of the iceberg)

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Perhaps the best screen capture utility out there with full-screen capture, window capture, and selection capture ala Photoshop's "lasso" selection tool. Plus all the program's functions can be triggered by programmable global hotkeys.

...but that's not the half of it.

What the AlternativeTo description doesn't mention is that this util does a lot more than just screen capturing. It also provides an eyedropper color selection utility AND a resizeable on-screen ruler AND a magnify glass tool. I used to have four separate apps installed to do those four separate things! I tried over a dozen different screen utility apps and this is the only one I found that bundles all these functions together in one tiny package.

Highly recommended for even the user who only occasionally needs to screencap. And an ABSOLUTE MUST-HAVE for people like web developers and graphic design pros what with the additional features (especially the eyedropper).

[EDIT: One shortcoming I can think of is that other screencap apps -- commercial apps as well as freeware apps -- have added OCR capabilities to their apps whereas FastStone Capture has yet to implement such a feature. For now, an easy solution is to supplement FastStone Capture with a quality freeware screenshot OCR tool like Greenshot or JOCR.]


works great

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this program works great and is inexpensive to buy a lifetime license. it's not as polished and shiny and snagit and some others but it produces the same quality and works reliably. i would gladly pay $20 for this than $50 or more for the fancier ones.