FastKeys Reviews

AHK without the programming

Review by 10basetom
about FastKeys and AutoHotkey Dec 2014

This is basically a fancy GUI wrapper for the AutoHotkey automation scripting language. It allows you to create hotkeys and hotstrings, among other AHK automation goodness, without learning the scripting language.

You can save yourself ten bucks by learning how to write AHK scripts, which isn't that hard to learn (say, compared to learning C). Once you master AHK, you become master of your machine.


Best automating app out there! Kudos to developers! 1 Helpful

Positive Review by Radmila
about FastKeys May 2013

Best automating app out there! Kudos to developers!


Excellent and lightweight start menu! 1 Helpful

Positive Review by Oomg5
about FastKeys Apr 2013

Simple but very powerful app. I use it as a quick start menu and as a auto rapid shooter in some games. Very funny! Con: you can get addicted to the shortcuts...


Great daily companion! 1 Helpful

Positive Review by Visio08
about FastKeys Mar 2013

This is really a great software - very tiny, minimalistic and simple to use. It has really become my daily companion at my work. I like how flexible it is, I guess the usage scope is almost unlimited, as it is possible to use any Autohotkey script.

Highly recommended and worth every cent IMHO.