FastCopy Reviews

Good piece of software

Positive Review by Aramatheus
about FastCopy and Jan 2015

FastCopy works as promised and has a lot of useful features. I mainly use it to move files between my internal and external hard-drives. It's as fast as I expected and works fine, and has a verify option (a must for making backups). As an added bonus, it's available on the PortableApps platform!


Great Tool !!!

Positive Review by Jpotato
about FastCopy and TeraCopy Jul 2014

Stolen, I tested it! 3

It is an excellent program, its it is clear! It does me took that 10m14s to move my 2.34 GB, while TeraCopy has not even moved 1 GB in 15 minutes (with checking the free space), I also deleted the 2.34 GB of the old path in 2m17s... so nothing to complain about... well except for the interface ^^" , and I didn't know why software does not launched with the "Drag&Drop", and I saw that it is necessary to use the right button of the mouse %S.
It would be better to be more integrated to the Shell, but given its performance quality I will not complain. ;P