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Positive Review by EvinKegger
about f.lux Jan 2016

This is very dear to me becuase I have several small and big issues with my eyes. This application has made me enjoy my long PC-days. I need to be online for +13h a day and the blue screen of my PC has been killing me and making me go to bed early because my eyes just didn't feel alright after only 5-8h online, even with screen protectors. Now, mind I sit in a humidified and well maintained room- still, they felt dry, heavy and whatever... this tool, this is just... I'm just so thankful for this. I can only praise it! A must-have for people who spend their days with their machines turned on and stared at for X hours every single day!

I have used F.lux for a long time and I'm so thankful to the guys at F.Lux. It works, it's free... it works and that's all that matters!