ExtractNow Reviews

More Useful To Me Than 7-zip

Positive Review by nonobvious
about ExtractNow and 7-Zip May 2015

Truth is I don't do a lot of zipping...at all. I do a lot of unzipping of rar's, zip's, iso's etc. This program is the best at unzipping! I have it set to - on one click - unzip the archive to a new folder, show me the contents of the folder, and automatically delete the archive. What more could you want??

I still have 7-zip, but I actually can't remember using it since I installed Extract Now.


Best batch extractor

Positive Review by mo
about ExtractNow Oct 2012

This is the best free batch extractor I've found so far. I use it on all rars I have. Just watch out when you install it - it bundles toolbars if you don't untick the options.