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lot of errors

Negative Comment by Shojimeguro
about Explorer++ Apr 2017

Cannot edit hotkeys, Frequent Error, Slow, Cannot Undo Deleted Files


Sorting and grouping files screwed up

Negative Comment by halfey
about Explorer++ Feb 2012

Been using Explorer++ for a while (I used to call it "Explorer Plus" back then) and I kinda like it. I love it for the ability to sort folders by their content size, a feature that is missing from Win7 explorer which was available in the good old WinXP (shame on M$ for crippling it down). However trying to do the same thing with Explorer++ creates another problem. In the default Windows explorer I always love to group my files by their types and at the same time group them by access date. However in Explorer++ I can't do both but only have to pick either one. Even if I've sorted my files by access date, once I choose to group them by types they will be no longer sorted by access date anymore but defaulted to being sorted by name. This is stupid. At this point I can't recommend this to anybody.


Explorer++ is now open sourcePost by David Erceg » Sun Jan ...

Comment by olof_
about Explorer++ Jun 2011

Explorer++ is now open source

Post by David Erceg » Sun Jan 17, 2010 5:23 pm
Hi everyone,

I'm glad to announce today that the Explorer++ source code has been released under the GNU GPLv3 license. A major factor in my decision to release the code was the desire to have input from other programmers, which I hope will lead to increased quality and shorter release times for Explorer++. The source code is available from SourceForge.


Extremely slow when switching between folders. There's alwa ...

Comment by fotzenlecker
about Explorer++ Jun 2011

Extremely slow when switching between folders. There's always a delay.