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Very Good App

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Thanks to the developer. I use this everything everyday! Very usefull. It is super fast and easy to use. Plus i can use keyboard shortcut, in my case i use Ctrl + Space to launch the app. And the app focus automatically to the search box. Plus it support my NAS Synology drive. Very easy and convenient. Thanks again to the developer!

Comment by alternativeto1254
about Everything · Mar 2017 ·

best app. easy to find files. instantaneously!


Everything: No network-search without remote admin-rights

about Everything and Index Your Files, Gaviri SearchOS · · -5 Helpful

For file-search on network drives without remote admin-rights you need Index Your Files (IYF)

Everything is the best search engine, but only for local drives or remote network drives with admin rights.

For search on all (remote) network drives Index Your Files is the best free app, which is also portable, extremly quick in finding files, and has nearly all other advantages of Everything. However, IYF needs no admin rights on the remote network-computer, as it is necessary for network-search with everything.

Another advantage of IYF over Everything is, that its easier usable search works without knowledge of regular expressions, as it is necessary for search with everyhing. But in spite of this you can realize a search with an OR-relation of search-strings with IYF: e.g. "setting .ini / setting.bat / setting .cfg"

For local AND remote network-search "Index Your Files" is the better Everything for me.

With Gaviri Universal Search GUS (formerly Gaviri PocketSeach) you can search in network drives with a portable version only in the professional version. With Gaviri GUS you have no FREE portable network search!

Why do you even mention this, it's clearly said in the description that this is an administrative tool!
Or do you think people who need this for your purpose are also idiots who can't understand what this is mean?


Extremely light, full of options, never crashes...

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How can i describe this utility? Well you know, since i fell on this one, i even thought of disabling the Windows Search engine. Searching a file takes 1 second on my 1,5 To storage. Extremely light, full of options (run in background or not, launch at startup or not, disks to scan, shell context menus etc.).

it also never crashed on me.

When your brain is failing you and you don't remember where this damn file is, Everything comes to your rescue.


Everything DOES NOT index the contents of files, only filenames.

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I've been a Copernic Desktop Search user for a couple of years now, but I started to look for something less bulky and memory-consuming. I was ABOUT to install Everything until I read in it's help forum that this software DOES NOT index the contents of files. This is a crucial feature for me, as I use this type of indexers on my company's 500GB of Excel files database, so I basically dumped it as an option.

Just wanted to make the comment for all of you who are looking for this same functionality in an indexer. Everything only indexes filenames.


Really nice application.

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It sits in tray hidden and takes 9 MB of RAM in my case (which is not too much nowadays), and it's very comfortable, when you make some hotkey for it (Win+S, for example). Scanning of 320 GB hdd took couple of seconds. And it searches faster, then you type :)

Really nice application.