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(Real) linux alternative?

Comment by kalligator about Everything Jul 2015

Is there a real linux alternative to Everything?

The suggestions found on the main site here are frankly way off. None of them offers the same functionality i.e. fast indexing and truly instant search.


there's a command line program called 'locate' that does what Everything does. if you have most of your data on a separate hard drive look into prune settings :)


My #1 windows tool

Positive Comment by steamariavonsteamenstein about Everything Mar 2015

This is one of the first things I install and configure after a new windows build.

I use it many times a day, and have it set to open with a hotkey. I have a system where I include tags/keywords in the filename of many of my personal files, and can call up anything in a flash.

One of the best tools out there, and I'm very glad it's being developed again.


Good alternative to Everything

Comment by Midlinesoft about Everything and FileSearchy, Dec 2013

I think Everything is a very good search tool, but it has some serious limitations that
prevent it from being the ONLY one search tool present on your computer. You will probably need
one more to search file contents or search computers where you don't have administrator permissions.

FileSearchy was designed to correct this flaw and combines both features in one tool.

Things in common:

  • Instant search by file name on NTFS drives.
  • Fast indexing and real-time DB update.


  • Search file contents including PDF and Office documents.
  • Search non-NTFS drives (without using index - not instant).
  • Ability to work without administrator rights (without using index).
  • Tabbed interface.

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FINALLY - New version of Everything

Positive Comment by janakee about Everything and DocFetcher, Ultra File Search, Agent Ransack, Locate32, Sep 2013

Development of Everything has resumed again after many years.

I used to check every week for about 30 months and then got
tired of doing so and stopped checking. The one day I was on
Samer Kurdi's website and he mentioned that there was a new
version of Everything on the voidetools website.

Everything Beta for Windows is the current beta version.

It is now under active development - 15 beta versions released since
early January to June this year.

Before this new development initiative the last work done on Everything
was in March 2009.

It is much faster than before!.

UAC issue fixed. Everything now runs a service as an elevated background
session. Then when you start the program each time it runs the client
interface in the user session. (You only need to deal with the UAC the first
time you run the program).

My all time favorite app has just got better.

Have tried many search programs like Locate32, Ultra File Search, Index
Your Files, Copernic, etc.

Best of bred
- file search: Everything
- file plus text search - Agent Ransack

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For remote-net-drive-search wo. admin rights you need IYF

Negative Comment by em4020 about Everything and Index Your Files, Mar 2013

@ Balicky 2013-03-24:
If you have your files only on harddisks in your own local computer, where you have admin rights, the search-app "everything" is very OK for You. But if you often search files in much more and much bigger directories in very big company networks with more than 100 TB instead only 7 TB, stored on remote computers, where you have no admin-rights, then you will find nothing with everything. In this case you need Index Your Files, except the admins of the remote computers install "everything" on all remote directories you need for searches.


Why I prefer "Index Your Files" over Everything

Negative Comment by em4020 about Everything and Index Your Files, Jul 2012

Advantages of Index Your Files (IYF) over Everything:

  • File-name-search AND Content search: Selectable option to search inside files
  • Preview of found files with the suitable office-app or picture-viewing app
  • Special picture search with specific EXIF-data additional to file-name-criteria
  • Special mp3-file-search with music-specific-data such as interpret, album or music-style
  • Easier search without knowledge of regular expressions also with search-terms in OR relationship, e.g. "*.txt / *.ini" .
  • With IYF you can very quickly find files on remote servers, on which you have no admin rights,
    so it is ideal for quick searches on very big company networks with thousands of directories
  • Create indexes for only the directories you select

Everything also can seach remote network directories, but only if you have admin rights on the remote server, and if you install an everything-component on the remote server. So most users without remote admin rights cannot use it in real big company networks.

All advantages of Everything has IYF also:

  • Portable, needs no admin rights on the local computer
  • Available in the languages English, Spanish, Romanian, Italian, German, Portuguese, Russian,
    French, S/T Chinese, Bulgarian, Brazilian, Turkish, Czech, Dutch, Polish, Lithuanian and Kurdish.

The following Flash Demonstration shows the advantages of Index Your Files:



IYF has its advantages but Everything feels less sluggish and index update is way faster. If you constantly move files on your computer (like me) IYF is not that good in my opinion.

"Create indexes for only the directories you select" -> you can achieve something similar with the exclude list in Everything.

I prefer Everything just because of the real time update (i disabled it for when the program is closed). That said, Everything is not really updated anymore and that's sad.


I have 7 TB on my hard discs - 6.264.386 files.
Search Everything every day he tells me - no problem :)


Ridiculously fast windows search tool

Positive Comment by YaSo about Everything Feb 2013

It is pretty simple, just a window with a search box and the results show up below. Like Google's instant search, where it autocompletes the search for you as you type, Everything does the same, letting you just start typing and having the results just show up as you type out the search terms.

You can sort by name, type of file, date of the file, where it's located and more. I have a keyboard shortcut to open it when I hold shift-windows-E keys and it pops up to let me start typing to find the file. A simple tap of the TAB key moves from the search line to the results and back again, in case you need to quickly change your search terms. I love it and wish it would be integrated into Windows 7 so I'd get these results in the start menu.


Everything Search from voidtools is the best little known file management trick to date.

Positive Comment by 88kbfilemustard about Everything and MIDI-OX, Renoise, AutoHotkey, Adobe Photoshop, Mar 2012

this user's text was too massive and informative so it is now here
there are some uncommonly strong keyboard tips (also PS) at the end so do check out the full file, but here is the condensed and sensible radio edit -----
This tool is awesome and has probably saved me hours and hours of time, and the installer is only three hundred and something kilobytes. If everybody knew about this four years ago think about where we would all be now. But alas, good knowledge sometimes goes undistributed. I personally will start to tell some people about this program and I hope that after you try it and like it you will too.


Best search file engine for Windows

Positive Comment by Balicki about Everything Feb 2012

Amazing, awesome fast search engine for Windows


I use it to rapidly get to files without needing to use fil ...

Comment by Dmitri about Everything May 2011

I use it to rapidly get to files without needing to use file open dialogs or explorer.

Let's hope development resumes though since a new beta version is long overdue. I would pay for this (although I have already donated (: ).


Awesome tool

Positive Comment by jigarme about Everything Apr 2011

Awesome Awesome tool, I wish if developers work on it more actively and release updates more often.


There needs to be a networked version for NAS (Network)

Negative Comment by MrCyberdude about Everything Apr 2011

There needs to be a networked version for NAS(Network Attached Storage) Devices that does not need to be installed.