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Unfortunately no alternative so far

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Been using Evernote for a long time. Have been looking for an alterantive recently due to changes the Company did introduce to which I do not agree. Unfortunately other products couldn't convince me so far to completely switch which is unfortunate since I would be open to. Guess have to wait a litlle or hope Evernote will rethink their product stragety hopefully.

Comment by CicelyChen
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It is very convenient to sync my data among different devices. Makes my life easy. I've used it for several years already.


The interface rottens with time

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It was best for a long time, now they mess it up more and more. - I wish the old interface back.
Now the web interface doesn't allow to see many notes at once - so finding a note becomes problematic. There needs to be an obvious way to swtich back to the compact tab view in the web interface so maximum number of notes can be fit on the screen. Also - an easy 1 click access to the filter - to filter by date and type( screenshot, text etc)
The local version is very slow synchronizing - you need to find something and instead waiting for the sync. Need non0invasive background sync by default and need an indicator whether it is synked.
The search function becomes more and more unusable. Give us back the advanced search
The whole idea of accessing the notes from multiple devices now is paid and the price is too high for a private user - 35$ per year is too much, especially when there are many free alternatives.
THe chrome extension is very good for taking notes, but it misses a link to access notes. It looks like the developers are so concerned about taking and not concerned about ever accessing notes.

Good developments: "add remark" - is a great option, it doesn't mess up the tags and allows to label the note with good keywords. Document photo on android app is exceptionally good - it is first that takes perfect doc photos and removes uneven background - the only suggestion - to add a manual option to select the document and force it too shoot - often it can not decide which part of the image is the document - say if the background has straight lines - so let user show it where it is or let the user force shoot when the right selection is shown.


Once The Best, Now So-So

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My company started using Evernote in the early 2010's or so and at the time it was great for note taking and keeping. Slowly though I saw they weren't really innovating, and what they were doing to innovate wasn't in line with what we were looking for. So we've made the switch to Google Keep. I really wish Evernote was a better program!


Not bad, but I'm leaving

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I need history. I need to be able to see differences between changes. Markdown + Git looks better and today I found Laverna.

The only next features holding me there:

  • Not a bad search
  • Tag search
  • Convenient interface

I was evernote user for many years. But lately I started to think stop using it.
The main problem is a history. I need a history of my notes. I also considered paid version, but
there're 3 main issues there.

  1. I would like to see Diff, like normal tools(Beyond Compare, Tortoise Git, VS 2015) do
  2. Evernote format doesn't look like format possible to see DIFF, it is not something like markdown
  3. Money.

More then a year I'm thinking to stop using and start using GIT + Markdown.
For editing Markdown I was considering

  • VS 2015
  • Remarkable
  • VS Code

The first one I was using a little. I did not like work with images when I stored them in a local folder.
You need to save image and then create a reference. The time spend for naming and creating
reference is quite consuming, compare to Evernote.
Remarkable & VS Code looks interesting as they're cross platform, but Remarkable doesn't have
ability to edit multiple notes at a time. I have not tried VS Code for markdown,
but was not impressed by it when tried to work with Nodejs/Typescript project.

I need next functionality for my notes in order of importance.

  • History
  • Easy readable format to be able to see changes/DIFF
  • Effective Search
  • Multiple notes editing at the same time
  • Note Tags
  • Ability to see/edit notes on any Android device
  • Search for a text in the images. Evernote search sometimes really helps(nice to have, but least important).

The first 3 functionality are the core functionalities for me.
Effective search: It is highly critical to have effective search otherwise the whole idea is useless.
I remember from time to time I caught myself that I was thinking that It is likely I had faced
with that problem in the past and I might have a note, but I was thinking that for that case
Google would help me faster. As a result I just googled as Evernote search is not ideal. I actively used tags in Evernote.
They really helped me in 80% of the cases to narrow down search results, but in 20% I actually had
to remove tag from search and start searching again using just keywords.
I must admit that in 80% of the cases tags were helpful to narrow down search results, but to be able to use them
it is required to select tags to avoid typing tag name just to avoid typo.

Most important questions for now are:

  • Any pitfalls of using markdown/text files compare to Evernote?
  • How to organise/do effective search in thousands of markdown files?

Frustratingly slow, impossible to use because of that.

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I wanted to be able to use this, it appears to be The Go-To service of this nature and it sounds powerful when utilized properly. But I just can't use it. Literally. It is far too slow. Not even because it was chock full and had to parse through too much stuff, just right out the gate completely empty it was so slow.

I kept trying it off and on over a span of several months, but using it was so frustrating, I finally just deleted my account.
I had a max total of 33 short notes before I called it quits and deleted.

I tried looking up if other people had this issue, and if there was a fix, but it oddly didn't seem that common a complaint. (I was using the web version on Firefox, don't know if that has anything to do with it.)

Also, Evernote doesn't have an export option (via web, at least), which is ridiculous for a service of this nature. If I had known Evernote didn't have an export option like that, I wouldn't have even bothered in the first place. And I couldn't seem to find the desktop application that apparently had the export option on their site (which has far too many nested webpages of their applications, way too much clicking just to try and find what I needed... which wasn't even there, apparently). I am so glad I didn't have too much on this service before I decided to bail.

I am currently trying out Thinkery, as a direct Evernote alternative. It looks good, feels snappy. We'll see how it works out further down the line.
(I really don't need that much from this sort of service, just something to act as an archive for references of sorts than an active note-taking and idea/project development application. Evernote couldn't even give me that much.)

try goalton.com. Its much faster and has a lot of usefull features


Evernote Alternative

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Couldn't stand how Evernote shut down with poor internet connection and has added too many features - distracts from the main point: organization

Their negative press lately has especially made me glad I looked into alternatives. My favorite so far has been Centrallo. Life centralization, organization, reliable, and multi-faceted yet simple to use.

Give it a shot. Would love to hear other's thoughts. Link here https://centrallo.com/

For me the best is http://alternoteapp.com with cool design and usability


Used it in the past, but has its shortcomings

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Evernote. It’s a well-built service (not just one application) that will pretty much work on whatever device you want to access your notes on. It’s pretty solid and does what you tell it to. I used it quite a bit until a few years ago.
Keep in mind that I do not actually disapprove of Evernote; I simply cannot use it because the company has its own mindset and I won’t blame them for it.

I always like to start with the elephant in the room. (Yes, that pun was intentional.)

Thing #1

Your data is not private. While they do allow you to “encrypt” certain things like text, this data is never completely secure. Attachments are processed on their servers (to offer you more functionality). Before you go and put your sensitive information in any company’s hands, consider the ramifications. Evernote is cloud-based, and does not function without you signing up to their service so they can monitor your usage and save your data on their servers.

“But they have to save my data so it will work properly!”

Yes and no. There are various usable schemes so that your data is never actually exposed to non-users in a service such as this. Simply put, Evernote was not built with data encryption as a central focus because people generally don’t care who can see their grocery lists or bookmarks.
People who want the convenience of Evernote to write their personal thoughts or save a snapshot of a medical document should think twice before doing so.

In other words, find another way to save your sensitive info because Evernote’s been hacked before.

Thing #2

The cloud and the coin…

Evernote is a service. A service is always running. A service that always runs needs money to work. The money needs to be a stream and not a sack of cash because a sack of cash will run out. A stream is constant and allows for things like employee salaries.

Why this matters: It’s a service. You are limited in what you can do unless you pay the subscription each month. Is this fair? You have to decide that for yourself. You are given 60 megabytes max of note uploads per month, and you cannot access your notes when you’re offline. You can create new ones, sure. Your archive of stuff? Well if you’re not connected, too bad.

In my case, I’m not fond of paying repeatedly for an application I might use sporadically.

I could go on, but these are the two main points to think about. I don’t consider Evernote to be perfect, but it is probably one of the best services out there if you’re not a technical user.


Web Version has a Poor Interface

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I tried to run this on my wife's chromebook. It was pretty pathetic.
Right click doesn't exist so there is no way to create links to other notes except via hyperlinks.

Speaking of hyperlinks, it's absolutely pathetic. You can paste a link but it's just a stupid blob of text. You have to highlight it and then click the little link that shows up.

There is a link icon in the web interface but that allows you to attach a file, an operation that's next to useless on a chromebook.

Why can't you just copy and paste freakin hyperlinks? This is so fundamental to making notes on your computer that I'm speechless.

By the way how would you add latex equations (or any equations)?
Create a note hierarchy with header notes and linked subnotes?
Turn your notebooks into a website? (or even export to html)

I wish zim ran on chromebook. You can run zim on a MAC but there is no IOS support unfortunately. Zim is my preferred tool, and it's completely free.


Evernote web loses your data

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On a flakey internet connection, Evernote web drops changes sometimes without warning, and randomly duplicates notes. It's buggy, in other words. Use Google Docs instead!


Serious contender in the personal diary field...

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I've been a fan of having a personal diary ever since I bought an iPhone and noticed there were plenty of apps that were awesome and beautiful for that; I always wanted to be able to write an entry on the go, and the iPhone and it's plethora of apps finally seemed to offer that.

So I went on and reviewed a few apps, until I finally established with Momento. The app is incredibly aesthetic and at the time offered alot more functionality than any of the other apps I reviewed (it creates entries from social feeds, for example, which is pretty awesome).

One of the things that I quite didn't like from Momento was that, even though it offered the functionality of adding tabs and photos to your entries, tab administration lacking AND that photos added to the entries were considerably degraded; this forced me to keep a copy of that photo, because the one saved inside the app looked awful if extracted for later view on a PC (this I actually understood: if you keep adding 3-4 photos per entry, each one 1-2mgs in size, the app will soon eat up most of your device's memory. However, it still bothered me).

So then the iPad came out, and when I finally got my hands on one, I was pretty disappointed that after months (and eventually years, because as of today I'm still waiting) of a user-requested native version for the iPad the developer's response was "we're working on it". After more than 12 months of reading this in their blog I became impatient and started looking for alternatives. (hellowwww, alternativeto.net)

So then I stumbled with Day One.
When I first reviewed Day One, it was nothing compared to Momento... it lacked way too many features and only excelled in simplicity. However, after almost two years of development, the app became pretty mature and already included a Mac, iPad and iPhone/iPod version...all of which you could sync via iCloud of Dropbox.
I loooooved the sync features and the simplicity in the app...BUT it lacked tags and photos.
At this point I was so fed up with Momento that it didn't matter and I decided to give it a try. However, I decided to start saving the posts which included pictures in Evernote (which I started using after the mayor update it had for iOS platform). I really hadn't considered using Evernote for personal-entry writing, but after being "forced" to use it this way, it suddenly blew my mind that it had EVERYTHING I had always asked for in a personal diary app:

  • you could add photos to each entry WITHOUT losing quality of the photo
  • you could date-stamp each entry easily (ALT+SHIFT+D)
  • you could sync between MANY devices and BOTH MAC AND WINDOWS PLATFORMS!!! (no current decent iOS diary app offeres this, as far as I know)
  • you could manage tags like a pro...because if there's something Evernote is good at, is managing tags
  • you could share your entries if you wanted to!!! (pro-account only)
  • you could encrypt (password-protect) your entries via a simple select-text + shortcut (I loved this...because it meant you can encrypt only PART of your entry, and are not forced to encrypt ALL the entry)...although being able to encrypt whole notes and/or notebooks is a highly requested feature that I hope they include in the future.

So even though Evernote is clearly not designed to be used as a personal diary (it lacks the aesthetic concept of such) it pretty much complies with EVERYTHING else you would want from a personal-diary-writing app.

Honestly...I wasn't expecting this... I really wasn't expecting to finding everything I needed in an app designed to clip notes from the web and such... but I did!!! And honestly, I don't think I'm going back.
I mean, Day One will probably sooner or later include tags and photo-import into their entries, but it will still lack the ability to sync to a Windows machine (I use Windows at work, so...). And Momento might one day finally wake up and release an iPad app, but it would still lack a desktop app to write to and keep on degrading images.

In other words, Evernote is light years ahead of these two apps (and most others I've reviewed), EXCEPT on the aesthetics and concept, which, honestly...is the least of my concerns now that I've finally found functionality in this app.

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Only in EverNote you can find text in embedded pictures

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One of the main advantages of Evernote is, that you can search and find text in thousands of notes very quickly. But there are many apps like PNotes portable or CherryTree portable, which have a similar text-search-function not much slower than with Evernote.

But I know no other application than evernote, which is able to find text in pictures embedded in a note.
This in the background fully automated OCR-text-recognition is a very unique and excellent Evernote-feature. In the open-source-brother-application NeverNote (=NixNote) and in OneNote 2007 I could not find text in embedded pictures.
The only feature I miss in Evernote is, that it is not available in a portable version for usage on business computers without admin rights. For this purpose I must open Evernote online in a Firefox-tab or use CherryTree (with pictures from clipboard) or PNotes (without pictures in notes).


Portable EverNote-alternatives: CherryTree, Pnotes, NixNote?

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No portable Evernote version because there is no permission from the publisher

On http://portableapps.com/node/22217 there have been created portable versions of Evernote developed under the PortableApps.com format and for use in the Portableapps.com Platform. But the developers had no permission from the publisher to repackage the freeware. So unfortunatelly the link to the illegally packaged software had to be removed by mod JTH. But very many people need a portable Evernote version, which can be executed on a DropBox-, TeamDrive- or USB-stick-folder. Both DropBox and TeamDrive can be executed portable, but only DropBox can sync through all business proxy servers. TeamDrive cannot sync through some proxy servers.

Best portable Note-Apps CherryTree and PNotes cannot be used on SmartPhones

People, who have no admin rights on their business computers must use PNotes Portable or CherryTree portable until now. PNotes Portable is quite good, similar to Evernote, but not able to use images in the Notes. PNotes is able to sync the notes with an FTP-account and supports automatically working internet-links and you can search with tags and words in the text with very quick results similar to evernote:

In CherryTree you can save big notebooks with a hierarcical and tagged note-structure in ctd-files and CherryTree is able to paste images from the clipboard to the notes.

Nevernote with Evernote-SmartPhone-access waits for a developer making a portable version

The best app similar to Evernote is its Open Source-Brother-App NeverNote (= NixNote).
It is able to be synchronized with the Evernote account and able to use images and rich formatting features in the Notes. All functions are nearly equal to those of Evernote. Neither for EverNote nor for NeverNote exists a portable version until Feb. 2012. Only Evernote and NeverNote (NixNote) have access to the notes from all SmartPhones, CherryTree and PNotes only can be used on desktop computers.
Because NixNote is Open Source it should be legal to make a portable NixNote version.

So I suggest to make a portable version of NeverNote = NixNote

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The new Windows desktop client, written in C++ is outstanding. They completely rebuilt the application from the ground up and got rid of the bloat and slowness. Everything, including the UI and startup time is vastly improved. If you didn't like the desktop version of Evernote before, but you liked the idea, you owe it to yourself to try the new version.