Etcher Reviews


Positive Review by rocky_mm
about Etcher Dec 2016

Little is to say that I am just satisfied. I am amazed. I was looking for an alternative to Rufus on Windows. It is true that it does not have all the options Rufus has (actually, it has none), but it has simplicity and speed. Highly recommended!



Positive Review by matthiashernandez
about Etcher Oct 2016

Tried several ways to burn my ISO on a USB without success. This software worked smoothly and the UI is extremely simple. I highly recommend it!



Positive Review by icezar
about Etcher Oct 2016

I dealt with many image writers in the past. This is by far the most user friendly one. And it works flawlessly!!!


One of the most efficient ! 2 Helpful

Positive Review by maeva-c-git
about Etcher Jun 2016

Etcher is really one of the best tools for writting iso images on usb stick ! It detect everything and writte a lot of files. It format all the usb stick and take all the space, not only a partition.
No more error!