ERPNext Reviews

Awesome ERP

Positive Review by abdullahmunim
about ERPNext Feb 2017

Very much user friendly and easily customizable ERP solution i have ever seen. Really appreciable.


Amazing ERP and amazing team

Review by ebkarts
about ERPNext Feb 2017

It will be the best ERP system whiten 4 years, if continue improving like this.


ERPNext: Competitive Advantage package for a Small Business

Positive Review by andrewtogniolo
about ERPNext Feb 2017

ERPNext helps a small organisation like ours to grow without the typical limitations. With this comprehensive package everybody internally and externally can interact and add information to allow better communication, reporting and supervision. Data is live and helps avoiding to duplicate, triplicate, same information into different documents. Moreover, it can be customised to suit your best practices, policies and procedures. We have been using ERPNext for more than two years and not willing to go back to the old way!


Best Free Open Source ERP Solution for Small businesses

Positive Review by ysk
about ERPNext and Odoo Feb 2017

We at Securiace / RaysCloud using ERPNext since past 4 years now, and every day our entire team working mostly remotely delighted with overall experience. We switched from OpenERP/Odoo ERP to ERPNext as it is less cluttered, simple to use, easy for updating and automated files and database backups.

I will definitely recommend startups to start using ERPNext from first day to avoid losses/mess due to Accounting, Purchase management and HR.
You can also deploy ERPNext on your own server where as its free for 1 user to use powered free cloud based

Big difference when you compare it with other competitor softwares, ERPNext does not have separate community/paid editions so everything is available to everybody as part of fastest growing community of users and experts.


Simple and Functional Rich 1 Helpful

Positive Review by kanhaiyakale
about ERPNext Feb 2017

We New Indictrans Technologies Pvt Ltd (Indictrans) are using ERPNext since 7 years. We found it very simple and feature rich. Right from Sales, Purchase, Operations, Projects, Accounting, HR, Attendance, SMS Alerts, Email Notifications etc. Almost all functions are available in this open source ERP.

We are one of the oldest service provider of ERPNext. And providing services on ERPNext to all domestic and overseas clients. Our services includes ERPNext Implementation, Customization, Development, Integration, Support, Training and Consulting. You will find all functions on single cloud platform.

Everyone should give it a try.


in testing 1 Helpful

Positive Review by wojosc
about ERPNext Dec 2016

Testing ERPNext as we speak and are pleased to say that we can successfully use the timesheet-feature for tracking our times. We are a team of four.

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