Engator Reviews

gets me traffic

Positive Review by jaylin
about Engator Jun 2016

I use it and gets me a great amount of traffic.
What’s different about this than the other RSS to Twitter/Facebook tools is that it allows me to post the items to Linkedin too.
Moreover, you can also use a custom schedule to post at specific times. Thanks for that.


How to Login In engator account?

Review by toddtodd
about Engator Dec 2015

How to login in engator account?
I have signed up in engator but can't find where to login ?


Auto publishing feature is good time saver and improve blogger productivity

Positive Review by AndresAlgeyr
about Engator Jan 2015

We all need time-savers for sharing content across social media these day, and this is a neat solution to sharing from a Wordpress blog.



Too Many Social Media Profiles, Not Enough Time?

Positive Review by tonyjohns
about Engator Jan 2015

Engator can help you .. I use it to auto-publish my blog posts to my social profiles.

So I have 3 blogs and every day I write about 1-2 posts/blog.
I need them to be visible on about 4 Twitter accounts, 1 Facebook profile and 8 Facebook Fan Pages.

I've saved about 2 hours/day with Engator and my TRAFFIC HAS INCREASED WITH ABOUT 60%. So from me you have a big THANK YOU!



Worth every penny! Huge Time Saver !!

Positive Review by DenisB
about Engator Nov 2014

Finally, after two days of searching and wasting money on other products I found Engator. It works seamlessly and most importantly it posts to ALL my Social Accounts at ONCE without a problem.

It supports multiple Facebook profiles, Fan Pages, Twitter profiles, Linkedin profiles and groups etc

Worth every penny, keep up the good work !!!


Time Saver - Versatile and intuitive

Positive Review by SteveOliver
about Engator Jan 2014

I found this most useful for posting on multiple accounts. Very easy to use, interface is straightforward, and you can schedule statuses in advance.

Love, your biggest fan.


Engator is far better than any of the others around – far better than twitterfeed.

Positive Review by JohnVolpe
about Engator Jun 2013

After a bunch of headaches with Twitterfeed, I switched to Engator to tweet my RSS feeds from my blogs and Squidoo and it works nicely. Also sends updates to Facebook too, Linkedin comming soon they told me...
You need just 5 minutes to setup your account ( signup, connect with twitter or facebook, add feeds ) and engator will do the rest for you.

What I like most - it is SUPER-EASY to use. The new features ( from version 2 ) are looking pretty incredible.