eM Client Reviews

"OK" program but no PGP support

Negative Review by nandayo
about eM Client Mar 2013

Its UI is good looking but unfortunately it does not support PGP only the "industry standard" S/MIME. Only 1% of my mail recipients use S/MIME so I can't use it. Sad because EM is really promising... at least their free version.


A very good "hub" application

Positive Review by thniels
about eM Client Sep 2012

A very good IMAP client particularly in our case where we use Google Calendar and Contacts against our own IMAP server. All calendars and contacts are automatically included setting up just the account and nothing else. The extremely smooth installation is, however, also the most prominent drawback. Special settings are simply not there, e.g. timeouts for server connections, custom keyboard shortcuts and other not so daily options. Particularly timeouts can be a drag, since this effectively makes the client unusable if you are connecting from a less than optimum hotel room or a congested public wifi hot-spot. There are a few glitches and bugs but nothing too serious. All in all a very good and cleverly conceived mail client with a few dings.