elementary OS Reviews

Just Ubuntu but Better Design!

Positive Review by erincfirtina
about elementary OS Sep 2013

I'm using elementary OS in my netbook for a year. It is beautiful. It's based on Ubuntu but more look like Mac. It's so simple and light. I suggest everone who want simple user interface.


Ubuntu in an Apple-like wrapper

Positive Review by OmgItsTheSmartGuy
about elementary OS Aug 2011

Basically, elementaryOS is Ubuntu 10.04 wrapped up in a shiny, Apple-lookalike theme. It also includes a rather unique set of preinstalled applications (notably the choice of Midori as the default web browser), and Docky to replace the standard taskbar.

I love the look of the default elementaryOS theme. Like I said, it just screams "Apple". The icons for the preinstalled applications are even reminiscent of icons from iOS or OS X: simple and clean.

Otherwise, elementaryOS hardly counts as its own operating system. It's just Ubuntu. It uses Ubuntu Software Center, and you can even upgrade to Ubuntu 11.04, though Unity doesn't work at all. This is a rather large oversight by the developers; when you first boot into elementaryOS, you are asked to update to 11.04. The update itself is problem-free, though it replaces a lot of the configuration files customized for elementaryOS with ones for Ubuntu. My big issue was that installing Unity 2D after the update (the default Unity didn't support my virtual machine) totally broke the interface. I wish elementaryOS would be upgraded to support Unity, which I consider infinitely easier to use than Gnome Classic. The current situation just causes confusion for people new to Linux, which seems to be the userbase that elementaryOS is catering to.