eHorus Reviews

Most reliable!

Review by staffordready
about eHorus Feb 2017

Making its way to market, eHorus has been the most reliable software I have tried when it comes to remote desktop management. Although they are a bit new, their features are very outstanding. I couldn’t believe at first how such good quality application comes in a very secure bundle. I have never been so satisfied in choosing remote desktop connection software!


Easy to Access and Reliable!

Positive Review by MelanieGuevara
about eHorus Feb 2017

It's quite amazing knowing that this Remote Management System is so easy to access and use. It's reliability and features are incredible wherein it is cost-effective. The fact that it's accessible to any device I had gained so much more of my attention. I can access it on any of my devices even if I am out of town! Kudos!


No full features on Android

Review by teh_lpoulsen
about eHorus Jul 2016

eHorus is a great tool although it’s still in its beta stages, and that’s why I don’t take their mistakes so hardly. But, this being said, I’d like to take a minute to mention to the dev that there is a big error when accessing a remote device from an Android operated device. The bug won’t allow me to render the keyboard on my main device, therefore making it impossible to have remote access or management over any other device when using Android V. 5.x. I hope the devs work on this ASAP since I believe that remote management from mobile devices is something that will be employed heavily in upcoming times. solid 3/5


The new TeamViewer

Positive Review by SWright
about eHorus and TeamViewer Jun 2016

After our entire security department went crazy for almost two weeks securing TeamViewer after the security scandal, they decided to start looking for new alternatives. They brought to the table a bunch of new solutions and among them was eHorus. We shortlisted 5 of them in our internal POC and with just 10 minutes we already realize what a substantial improvement it was considering TeamViewer: clientless, tasklist access and even shell control.

We are definitively going to migrate to eHorus soon.


a very solid alternative VNC solution

Positive Review by rawmal
about eHorus Jun 2016

I've been trying eHorus out because I tend to work with VNC software a lot daily, and tend to like to find which solution is the best for me and my customers. I recently stumbled upon eHorus and their beta program, and decided to give it a try. I wasn't disappointed, actually, I was rather impressed by the stability, good looks, and amount of features eHorus brought to the table, and it's not even an official release yet.
It'll give you all you were previously getting from TeamViewer plus a double authentication system and full SSL encryption (the don't lie about this) and remote access to the target's terminal.
The UI is a bit simple, but far from being a downside, it actually makes everything so simple that the concept is great and only needs to be slightly improved upon what has already been shown in the beta.
Wonderful developers that are taking all feedback into account during this beta. I'd encourage people to sign up and try, especially if you distrust TeamViewer.


Great solution

Positive Review by BennyWelsh
about eHorus Jun 2016

I as well got to hear about eHorus after the recent TeamViewer security scandal, I imagine it's what this solution is thriving off as of now. Nevertheless, the fact that eHorus is just now getting its name out there is in no way related to the quality of the product, which I must recognize is quite above my expectations and the current standards for remote access/control software. It seems secure, stable, and is definitely very user friendly.
Let's see if it can keep growing, they've definitely got my vote for now.

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The perfect replacement of TeamViewer 1 Helpful

Positive Review by mattybrike
about eHorus Jun 2016

Since TeamViewer´s security problems in 2016, our company start looking for alternatives in the market to provide the best service to our customers, and thanks to alternativeTo we found out eHorus. This solution is 100% web-based, it counts with real-time process and service management and for us the key feature is the TERMINAL access (needless to say, it also counts with screen control capabilities).

We are current participating in their beta phase, they accept our feedback and we are remotely managing about 40 servers (Windows and MACs, and a couple of Linux as well).

Definitively, the best modern alternative to TeamViewer.


Super fast access to your servers 1 Helpful

Positive Review by soarhk
about eHorus Jun 2016

Is not only about getting access your desktop. It's about MANAGE all kind of systems: linux, windows and why not, OSX. This allow to connect using the native shell in a text window under the browser, just with a click. SUPER-FAST. Ignoring firewalls and routers without inverse NAT. The same is with remote desktop. Everything from a vanilla browser. I've just amaze first time. Seems to be so easy!

Need to improve some UI, pretty basic at the moment, but I really like the concept!.