Eclipse Reviews

Comment by lancer502
about Eclipse · May 2017 ·

Eclipse is a lot more useful then NetBeans. The keyboard shortcuts, interface, and plug-ins make Eclipse really good.

However, Eclipse isn't as easy to learn to use as NetBeans


Best IDE with complication

about Eclipse · ·

This is the best IDE with most complication. It's support almost every popular programming languages. Lots of plugins. Lots of preferences and so on.

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For Linux I rather Netbeans

about Eclipse and NetBeans · ·

First of all, I haven't used this two (Eclipse & NetBeans) in Windows. Only in Linux, but for this last SO, I certainly rather NetBeans over Eclipse, since it's more Linux-Friendly.
So far, I have had no problem at all running NetBeans under Linux, but in Eclipse, I had weird behaviour/bug sometimes, that's why I decided to use NetBeans as default.

It's because eclipse works better with oracle java than with openjdk, you will see that with this last one, parts like windowbuilder doesn't work (it doesn't work neither if you are using compiz manager, with ubuntu unity). Anyway I have seen that the last versions of eclipse are less limux-friendly until they fix it, I think that windows is the main platform, swing