Easy File Locker Reviews


Negative Review by JaiGuru
about Easy File Locker Apr 2014

This software installs itself with a password already in place. It will not let you access the software nor uninstall it because, obviously, you don't have a password you never set in the first place. This is beyond trash. This needs to be removed immediately.


This is just awesome!

Positive Review by lolhell
about Easy File Locker Dec 2013

If I say this is one of the best folder/file lockers in the world, I'll not be wrong. Hiding files and folders is just unbeatable. You can choose various options like you can make file/folder visible but not accessible and more.


Like it

Positive Review by Saxster55
about Easy File Locker Jun 2012

There's a 64-bit version. Working fine for me in Win 7 so far. Exactly what I was looking for.

Simple interface. Quick install. Tiny file. Does what it says it'll do. Free. Hard to beat that.