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Unique & useful: Duplicati Backups to Windows Live SkyDrive

Positive Review by em4020
about Duplicati and Microsoft OneDrive Jun 2011

I use Duplicati (portable) in German language from http://code.google.com/p/duplicati/downloads/list .

The window "Backup storage options" for entering the SkyDrive credentials should be translated to German.
It seems that these strings have been translated already, but are not used in the window in Duplicati

Some strings in Aug.1th, 2012 are not listed in the translation file and must be added to the translation file report.de-DE (1).

I tested a Duplicati-Backup of a folder with 6.63MB to the in Duplicati created folder Duplicati.BU in my SkyDrive.
To complete the test I restored the files afterwards and tested the integrity. All files are OK. Very perfect!

I know no other backup-app, which is able to do backups to MS Live SkyDrive as Duplicati does.


(1) http://goo.gl/nX2C9

[Edited by em4020, August 01, 2012]