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I used it every day (since 416 days and countig)

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Excellent tool for immersion learning, as you can practice a little every day. It has helpful community also. If game-like rewards help you, this is a great app; you gain a point each day, but you loose your points is you skip a day. That works for me, the more points I have the less I want to restart the count.
It has many language combinations (for example English to French speakers, German to Spanish speakers, etc...).


Can be infuriating

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It provides no coaching to help you understand nuanced practices of languages. I ended up giving up after a few hours of crying as I just couldn't figure out why what I was inputting was wrong. It needs to be more human, and less robotic - it needs to be able to identify when you are struggling with something, and help you with it, in an upbuilding way - not just by getting you to repeat the same mistakes, over and over, making it very known that you are dumb and wrong, as it currently does.


Duolingo Service

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Excellent language learning tool.