DuckDuckGo Reviews

Surprisingly just as good, if not better than Google 1 Helpful

Positive Review by balupton
about DuckDuckGo and Google Search Sep 2015

I held off switching from Google to DuckDuckGo for a very long time (years), as I was always sure that Google would be able to offer better search results in exchange for my privacy, however as time went by, I wasn't comfortable with the vast amount of information I gave google with so little return in better results — so I tried DuckDuckGo, after a week or so, I didn't find any issues with results, and perhaps once a month, out of the thousands of searched I do, do I ever have to go to google. So considering that, I'm very pleased that I was able to maintain my privacy with no compromises. Well done.


Lovin' it

Positive Review by severuscold
about DuckDuckGo Jun 2014

I've been a user on duckduckgo for some time now, I am now a Translation Manager, as I contribute a lot on that area.

I've started using DDG because it doesn't track you, nor can it give the government information about you.

Simple to use, and everyday there's a new feature.

I'm really really lovin' it.


Great search engine

Positive Review by ericleebow
about DuckDuckGo Jul 2012

I've found DuckDuckGo to be a great search engine, and what's unique is the bang feature. Also, believe that the search results are great because they have a cool zero click information.

Give it a go!


Best search ever! This search engine hits not a homer but a grand slam!

Positive Review by tlangster
about DuckDuckGo and Google Images, Google Search Jun 2012

I was in the business of using Google until I realized that they tracked me. That disturbed me very much as I look up... VERY personal things (will not mention them). So basically I had a terrible experience with Google Talk, Plus, and Gmail that sent me deleting my account, and never coming back. I thought I would have to be tracked by Bing...

Until I found DuckDuckGo.

It ran well, searched well, didn't track, was completely customizable, and more. It was awesome. I loved it at first site. To this day I always use DuckDuckGo. It replaces Search, Images, Sites, Blogs, lots. It runs so well and it deserves to be the top search engine ever, it should beat Google in popularity.

Overall: 5 out of 5 stars. Amazingly wonderful.