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DSP-Quattro is a complete tool for Audio Editing, AudioCD Mastering and Plug-in Hosting for the...

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DSP-Quattro is a complete tool for Audio Editing, AudioCD Mastering and Plug-in Hosting for the MacOS X. It is an Audio Editor/AudioCD Mastering Application with extended real-time and off-line support of AU/VST plug-ins. It comes with several built-in algorithms, like a Linear Phase Sample Rate Converter, a Declicker for Audio Restoration, several High Quality digital effects, among which reverbs, modulated digital delays, analog filter simulators and parametric or graphic EQs, and much more.

DSP-Quattro includes an AudioCD layout waveform editor to assemble your audio files, place your audio-CD Tracks, edit the crossfades between your audio files for smooth and inaudible transitions between your CD tracks. It has an built-in Audio-CD burning engine. AU/VST plug-ins can be applied also on your AudioCD layout and even on the single CD Track... DSP-Quattro allows also to edit CD-Texts, ISRC and PQ codes, and it imports/exports DDP AudioCD images as well... More Info »

DSP-Quattro is also an host of AU/VST plug-ins to apply the most advanced and original third party algorithms to your audio files, with full latency compensation and sample precision. DSP-Quattro hosts Virtual Instruments as well, being able to play them by MIDI while listening to your audio files. By using DSP-Quattro, you can use your Mac to learn to play music, or as a real-time effect box by hosting Effect plug-ins, routing audio inputs to outputs through your favourites effects. Play live your acoustic or electric musical instruments adding real time effects to your music.
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