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DScaler 4 is a piece of software that captures video, processes it, and scales it for presentation...

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    An application that does scaling/deinterlacing/inverse telecine using a high powered PC and a bt8x8 TV capture card. Essentially, this software converts a PC into a good-quality line doubler/scaler/upconverter machine!

DScaler 4 is a piece of software that captures video, processes it, and scales it for presentation on a projector or computer monitor. DScaler implements highly sophisticated algorithms that work in real-time to provide PC owners with image quality matched only by very expensive equipment.

DScaler performs a variety of functions:

Grabbing video from a DVD player, game console, laserdisc, or VCR in a reliable fashion, in either analog or digital form
Deinterlacing video source, such as sports and news produced with a video camera, as well as console games
Detecting and removing 2:2 pulldown (PAL) and 3:2 pulldown (NTSC) for movies and filmed television programs
Reducing video noise on analog sources
Automatically calibrating video capture cards for optimal brightness, contrast and color
Manipulating video through gamma, sharpness and other filters
Viewing still images
Reducing judder and other video timing anomalies
Presenting all of the above in the desired resolution and aspect ratio More Info »


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