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    WordPress is a state-of-the-art publishing platform with a focus on aesthetics, web standards, and usability. More simply...

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    Joomla is an award-winning content management system (CMS), which enables you to build web sites and powerful online applications....

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    ProcessWire is a friendly and powerful open source CMS and CMF with an exceptionally strong foundation.

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    Tiki Wiki CMS Groupware

    Tiki Wiki CMS Groupware is a full-featured, web-based, multilingual (40+ languages), tightly integrated, all-in-one...

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    Fork CMS

    Fork CMS is dedicated to creating a user friendly environment to build, monitor and update your website. We take great pride in being...

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    modx is a free, fast & flexible, ajax and seo content management system MODx helps you take control of your online content. An...

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    Many content management systems are focused on developer or site owner needs, but concrete5 is a CMS that truly delivers the best to...

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    ImpressPages is a PHP framework with admin panel. A new MVC engine is under the hood so you can customize ImpressPages in no time....

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    Plone is an open source content management system based on the Zope application server, written in python. Its known to be powerful...

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    CMS Made Simple

    CMS Made Simple - the open source content management system for the rest of us. CMS Made Simple helps experienced web developers and...

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    A fully-featured wiki for the Enterprise. It's also a second generation wiki offering the ability to install and develop small...

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    Textpattern is an elegant content management system that is free, open source software. Web designers, developers, publishers and...

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    TYPO3 is an enterprise-class, open source CMS, used internationally to build and manage websites of all types, from small sites for...

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    A powerful newcomer in the CMS field with lots of great modules like blog, e-commerce, easy to develop and maintain, good looking and...

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    Yellow is for people who make websites. It's a flat-file content management system. Everything is made of files and folders. You...

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    Static site generator that supports Markdown and reST syntax. Powered by Python.

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    Cockpit was born out of the need of building a simple dynamic site. Sure, Wordpress, Joomla, Drupal and all the other full-stack...

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    Contao is a web-based Open Source Content Management System, formerly known as TYPOlight, which generates accessible websites. It uses...

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    With no knowledge of PHP required at all you can make any static web-page editable by your clients.

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    • Combines simplicity, flexibility and power in a fully open-source CMS with features such as in-line editing, SEO-friendly URLs, custom routing.
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    Web Start Today

    Web Start Today is the small business owner’s ticket to Internet success. With our easy-to-use Website Builder, hands-on business...

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    Craft gives you the tools to sculpt a content management experience precisely tailored to your site’s needs. Craft doesn’t make...

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    Anchor CMS

    Anchor is a lightweight blogging platform with a focus on simplicity and elegance.

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    Symphony CMS

    Symphony is an XSLT-powered open source content management system It's a web-based content management system (CMS) that enables...

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    Wolf CMS

    Wolf CMS simplifies content management by offering an elegant user interface, flexible templating per page, simple user management and...

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  • blogstrap.py

    blogstrap.py is a simple, no frills blog content management system powered by Twitter's Bootstrap and web.py. It features most...

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    Pimcore is a software vendor for free and open source customer experience management (CMS), digital asset management (DAM), product...

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    Umbraco is a fully-featured open source content management system with the flexibility to run anything from small campaign or brochure...

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    Installing Kirby means uploading some files to your server and that's it. Blog articles, galleries, simple pages or complex...

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    Just Add Content

    Professional, secure, high quality business websites in 60 seconds with free website design and a 60-day money back guarantee. ...

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    Edicy is an easy to use service for creating responsive (mobile optimized) business websites. The uniqueness of Edicy is its...

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    ExpressionEngine is a flexible, feature-rich content management system that empowers thousands of individuals, organizations, and...

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    Pulse CMS

    Pulse CMS is the easiest way to build and deploy a responsive, content managed website. Since it's a flat file CMS there is no...

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  • Stacey

    Stacey is a lightweight content management system. No database setup or installation files, simply drop the application on a server...

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    SPIP is a publishing system for the Internet in which great importance is attached to collaborative working, to multilingual...

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    Habari is next-generation blogging. Download Habari or try the demo and help our community design the future of blogs. Habari is...

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Drupal Comments

Flexible Drupal

Positive Comment by Cordener
about Drupal Apr 2016

I love sites on Drupal . They are always comfortable , friendly and easy to promote.


Try Drupal

Positive Comment by AllyBri
about Drupal Apr 2016

Worked only with this CMS but I think its great. Simple and cute. Try Drupal



Negative Comment by DanMan
about Drupal and Contao Aug 2012

In both a good and a bad way. It's good because it's highly customizable. It's bad because it's a nightmare to maintain because of it.

Out of the box, it doesn't really do all that much, and the templating is complex, too. Again, because it's very flexible, which is good when you need it, but gets in the way if you don't.

So what I'm saying here is that you will have to invest quite some time to actually learn how to use this thing and about all the plug-ins you don't know you will need. If you don't have that time, or are not willing to take it, better stay clear of this. It's very easy to mess your installation up to a point where it all falls apart.


The best CMS ever!!!

Positive Comment by DanSantos
about Drupal Jul 2012

Folks, I have been using Drupal since it was born. It is really powerful tool and piece of software. I can tell you that there are big companies using Drupal - it's 100 times better than Joomla, WordPress, and others around. I am a genuine user of Drupal - with Drupal you can integrate eCommerce, videos, blogs, forums, and many of other things. The new version is completly SEO what makes the tool even better if you want to be found in search engines. I like Drupal and it does the work nicely. The only bad point, as any other software, is the modules uploads - these you will need to upload manually still. A good example of Drupal website is ITsiders - an educational site I did for ITIL followers and people interested in IT. Take a look when you have time. Bye for now.


[Edited by DanSantos, July 19]


Cool, fun, complex, but too glitchy

Negative Comment by Mighty_Mac
about Drupal and WordPress May 2012

I have used many CMS controllers because I own a web site. It was a lot of fun to pick out and add plugins, and it's actually more customizable than wordpress. Problem was, my website soon grew to 100k+ veiws a day, and with that came thousands of members. When I would add some plugins, they would conflict or make glitches. Some even made my database suddenly triple in size over a day. They have more plugins than anyother CMS, but a lot these plugins are made by beginner programmers that don't know what they are doing apparently. I've had to dump my server and start over too many times. Wordpress, never had a single problem.


There are better CMSes coming out, this is showing its age, ...

Comment by s0me0ne
about Drupal Jun 2011

There are better CMSes coming out, this is showing its age, even w version 7.


great CMS, but even better community, shows the power of co ...

Comment by madjr
about Drupal Jun 2011

great CMS, but even better community, shows the power of collaboration and open source
Very focused on features and more on efficiency and security. Even the white house is using it ;)

it can take a long time to master, so..