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Terrible for Privacy but so useful at same time

Review by Kagerjay
about Dropbox Yesterday

Of all the cloud service storage apps out there, dropbox has the most number of integrations by far.

Its pretty terrible for privacy though, I strongly suggest using Small Boxcryptor iconBoxcryptor if you need some encryption with it on sensitive / private data

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[Edited by Kagerjay, June 21]


Terrible privacy and security for your data. So many, much better alternatives. 3 Helpful

Negative Review by JohnFastman
about Dropbox Jan 2017

Dropbox syncs your files between multiple computers. It became popular early on in this market and has maintained brand awareness and loyalty, despite newcomers (esp. Google Drive). It's fast and convenient but it comes at a terrible privacy & security cost. See below for details and alternatives.

Privacy and Security Concerns

Dropbox, Google Drive, etc. use a model of storing your data that isn't private. Files are uploaded to their servers and then encrypted using keys that Dropbox/Google Drive keep. At any point they can access your files. This is inherently insecure and privacy-hostile. It means hackers who access the data and the key can read your files. And it means Dropbox/Google (and similar services, e.g. SugarSync) have to comply with [National Security Letters](https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/National_security_letter ), which force them to give up your data to intelligence agencies without even telling you.

Some of the other problems Dropbox has had in providing a secure or private service:

There's plenty more. Dropbox have a terrible record of protecting people's security and privacy and being honest it.

More Private Alternatives & Value for Money

Tthere are plenty of alternatives that offer a far more secure model, with end-to-end encryption (ie, the service cannot access your data, also known as a "zero-knowledge" policy because your files are encrypted before being uploaded not after and the company doesn't have the keys). Most of these services offer more than Dropbox's 2GB for free:

  • [Sync.com](Small Sync.com iconSync.com): Easily the most "Dropbox-like" service that offers end-to-end encryption. Canadian-based. Offer 5GB for free. Disadvantage: no Linux client. Good mobile app, though.
  • [iDrive](Small IDrive iconIDrive): Good for backup and syncing computers using selected folders. End-to-end encryption. US-based (but can't give files to NSA or lose them to hackers if they don't have the keys to your data). 5GB free, [1 year 1TB package for only $50](https://www.idrive.com/ ). No Linux client though. Excellent mobile app. Backs up your photos, contacts. Brilliant.
  • [SpiderOak](Small SpiderOak iconSpiderOak): End-to-end encryption/"zero-knowledge" model that keeps your data safe. US-based. [250GB for free for 21 days](https://spideroak.com/about/price-list ) as a trial. After that, $5/month for 100GB; $12 buys 1000TB (similar to Dropbox). Spideroak is best suited for backups. Works on Mac, Windows and Linux. You can setup folders to sync between your computers. SpiderOak's mobile app is limited, allows you only to download files, not upload.
  • [Tresorit](Small Tresorit iconTresorit): Tresorit [are most expensive](https://tresorit.com/pricing ). Based in Switzerland (strong privacy laws). Sync multiple folders with end-to-end encryption. You can send people "encrypted links" which reveal files you want to share only to the intended recipient. They also held a [hacking contest](https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tresorit#cite_note-18 ). No one was able to hack them after 468 days for a $50 k bounty. It used to be possible to get the business package for 2 users, then reduce the number to 1 before the first free month ran out.
  • [pCloud](Small pCloud iconpCloud): Very much like Dropbox but Switzerland based. Cheap. (10 GB for free, up to 20GB with bonuses for referrals). For $50 you get 500GB/year. For $4/month or so, you get the Crypto folder, which is end-to-end encrypted (they can't access it). This is more limited than the options above (it's only one folder), but that might suit you and the overall price is very good. pCloud has a mobile app comparable to Dropbox in functionality. pCloud's client is available for Mac, Windows and some Linux distros (although you can get it for other distros though their respective repositories, or just [unpack the .deb file](https://www.g-loaded.eu/2008/01/28/how-to-extract-rpm-or-deb-packages/ ) from the pCloud website).
  • [Seafile.de](Small Seafile iconSeafile) (go to [Seafile.de](https://seafile.de ) not Seafile.com, which is where the AlternativeTo page points to): This is a great Dropbox alternative. Hosted in Germany (better privacy laws than US). Their client software works on Mac, Windows and Linux and is open source & it has a mobile app every bit as functional as Dropbox's. It even has the option to encrypt folders before they get uploaded (However, only file contents, not names, sizes or structures, are encrypted - see Cryptomator below). Prices are low: 10 GB costs €1.05, and 500 GB costs €5.25.

How to Protect Your Files For Services That Don't Offer End-to-End Encryption

Whichever service you go with (Dropbox, GoogleDrive or any of the above), you can protect your privacy by uploading only encrypted version of your files by using one of these apps:

  • [Cryptomator](https://alternativeto.com/software/cryptomator ): Cross-platform (Mac, Linux, Windows) app that creates an encrypted "vault" out of a folder you specify. In the encrypted vault, you place your files and only after opening it with a password can you view your files in a mounted virtual drive.. It's free, open source. A mobile app is in beta.
  • [Duplicati](Small Duplicati iconDuplicati): More for backups than sync. Select a folder for Duplicati to monitor. It makes backups to a destination folder (inc on a USB drive, Dropbox, whatever you want). You can have it encrypt the backup files, which is great if you plan to sync to the cloud (for reasons discussed above). Works on Wn, Mac & Linux.

Syncing Stuff Occassionally Between Computers
To sync files between 2 computers, just occasionally use [SyncThing](https://alternativeto.net/software/sync ) has you covered. Free, open source, runs on Win, Mac & Linux (opens in the web-browser). You tell it which folder to sync and then pair it with the other computer by typing in a code. The two computers will find each other online and sync the folder(s). The connection is direct (data doesn't sit on anyone else's server) and encrypted. Speeds of up to 80MB/second!


Unable to connect the server, sad.

Positive Review by lindacoo
about Dropbox Sep 2016

It works well in my workplace, but when I got home, it's turns out to be unusable. I'm considering reinstall it as it is a really good App for backing up.



Positive Review by estebanvargas
about Dropbox Jul 2016

He usado Dropbox en plataformas linux y no tengo queja alguna, realiza su trabajo correctamente.

Deepin 15.2


Good Software

Positive Review by CoryIsBatman
about Dropbox Apr 2016

Been using this software for almost two years now. It performs well and they regularly bolster my storage space so there's that!


Love dropbox

Positive Review by craftercrate
about Dropbox Apr 2016

I feel the comparison to Google Drive is a bit apples to oranges. Both are great but dropbox is in a different ballpark for just being able to throw any file type into a native windows folder and just have it by synched in the cloud. Nothing beats it.

I still use Google docs, but for other types of files aside from word/excel I find dropbox fits the bill.


Prefer G. Drive but still reliable

Review by RangersFan81
about Dropbox and Google Drive Feb 2016

On my home PC I use Dropbox it's really reliable. Google drive is what we use at work I think corporate environments will use it more but yeah good program


Great standalone app

Positive Review by nowshad78
about Dropbox Feb 2016

Great for use in groups and solo, seamlessly integrates between phone and desktop. User space expands with invites, so no problems there.


dropbox best cloud

Review by pebro
about Dropbox Jan 2016

dropbox best cloud


I am Dropbox user.

Positive Review by renepaul
about Dropbox Sep 2015

I have been using Dropbox for some years now and l am so happy for that.
Thank you for this facility.


"Simply the best" - one of the best

Positive Review by JackFosters
about Dropbox Sep 2015

Great app, what can I say. Maybe the best in the list of cloud-based drives.
I may say that use Dropbox as often as Google Drive, depends on topic and on the task.

I really loved an opportunity to extend the "box" through inviting new members.


Great tool

Positive Review by Donna72
about Dropbox Aug 2015

I'm using Dropbox for my personal archive. It's the best choice for any device.


Big player has tried, but Dropbox still the King in the Cloud

Positive Review by PollosHermanos
about Dropbox and Google Drive, iCloud, Microsoft OneDrive Aug 2015

They turned Apple down and didnt sell out Dropbox, and looking at iCloud its a huge different and not only Apple have try, Google has Google Drive, Microsoft has OneDrive and they are big but compare the Dropbox their way of Cloud Save service is not even close to the King in the Cloud: Dropbox ?


Good cloud storage

Positive Review by mikefacer
about Dropbox Apr 2015

It's one of the most stable cloud storages out there. No clutter, easy-to-use and best of all, you can access documents anywhere you want.