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Best of the best... so far.

Positive Review by GregariousJB
about IOBit Driver Booster and SlimDrivers, DriverMax, Unknown Device Identifier Dec 2015

I've tried SlimDrivers, DriverMax, and Unknown Device Identifier, and IOBit's Driver Booster has been the best experience - however, it's not perfect. It still missed 2 unknown drivers - an unknown "USB Controller" driver and one other that I had to Google manually using the hardware IDs. Furthermore, my keyboard and mouse both lag after my computer boots into the logon screen, causing me to wait for ~10 seconds before being able to type in my password. Also, my PC's POST now lags for ~20 seconds before the BIOS start screen (it used to be ~2 seconds). Not major issues, but issues nonetheless.

That being said, I'd recommend using IOBit to update drivers to fix a known problem rather than just to update everything for the sake of updating. You'll likely run into new problems if you just select everything and update it all at once. It may actually benefit you to keep the "Extremely Old" driver that was made in 2006, because that's the most compatible with all your other hardware.

And for the love of science, do a System Restore Point first.


Iobit driver

Positive Review by afeefajmal
about IOBit Driver Booster Feb 2015

Been using it for a very long time, very good, fast and responsive.
Really Fast
All drivers are compatible.

Shows unwanted drivers.
Installs other iobit product as well.

I'll pick [iobit driver serial]( ) over any other software anyday.


great software

Positive Review by priteembehera
about IOBit Driver Booster Aug 2014

It scans your computer and lists all driver's condition whether bad,worse, or worst. just click update on any driver and you are done. it automatically downloads the required drivers.