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Positive Review by Erqo
about Drive SnapShot Sep 2016

With some scripting I now got three backups (recent, two weeks ago, six weeks ago).
They are all perfect and use little space, somewhere at the end of my drive.

Now all of my drives or partitions get rolled back in just a few minutes.
From dos or from another OS.

This is worthy.


Drive Snapshot is the bomb!

Positive Review by Seth
about Drive SnapShot Mar 2012

This has to be one of the most useful Windows utilities that I own. Invaluable for creating live, on the fly disk images of the operating system.

Gives you a rollback strategy in case an upgrade or update goes horribly wrong. Lot's of command line options.

Extremely compact and clean. No bloated interface or garbage bundled with the installer, and doesn't even require installation for that matter. Just copy over the sub 1MB executable and get going.