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Another disappointment

Review by piplzchoice
about Doodle Apr 2012

The signing process can be improved. Too many options that are somewhat confusing. In the end it just didn't work. The recipient of my email with the link, could not see blocked/booked periods in my calendar. I have used Tumble for a couple of years, but since the acquisition it stopped working reliably, so I am looking for a replacement, but the Doodle didn't pass the grade.



Positive Review by AntonyMalinko
about Doodle Nov 2011

very simple, very straightforward, very free. Does exactly what you need it to do :-)

Just set up an event with some suggested times and dates, invite lots of people, they fill in what they can do and out pops the suggested meeting time at the end. It is amazing how much organising time this saves with a meeting of just a few people