Domotz Reviews

Once you start using Domotz for monitoring your customer networks and devices, you cannot go back!

Positive Review by lello
about Domotz Apr 2016

Domotz is super easy to install and get up and running. Set-up is as simple as connecting a power plug and a network cable. That’s it!
Domotz also has an app so I can access all my Domotz agents/customer networks anytime, from anywhere, which runs perfectly on my iPhone.
I love that I can setup alerts for all the important devices on my customers' network (I do residential Home Automation installations). When any of my customer’s important devices go offline, I'm notified in real time and I can remotely solve the problem (in 99% of cases, rebooting the device solves the problem which I can also do from the Domotz app!). I can do all troubleshooting for my customers, right from my iPhone!
Before using Domotz, to do the same troubleshooting operations it was cumbersome and time consuming. I had to start my PC (I don’t always carry my PC with me), connect to the internet, remember the credentials to access the customer's devices via DynDNS or via VPN (both of these services require a long time to setup), remember what PDU and port that device is connected to, or access to file with that customer network topology, then access to the PDU and cycle that port. That was extremely difficult to be done out of my office, now I can do in few clicks from my iPhone!
Thanks to the live monitoring activity and customized alerts, I can immediately take action on any device problems my customers may have, including the ones that they have not discovered yet.
Domotz is the software of choice for integrators. They offer a significant free trial of 90 days, which makes the software well worth giving a try!
Overall, I highly recommend Domotz for monitoring and remote support.


Great Remote Monitoring Device

Positive Review by ALEX12345
about Domotz Apr 2016

As a high end AV and home networking installation company owner, a solid network is key. Domotz offers great service at a very competitive price point. Easy to setup and manage, all from my phone, from anywhere in the world.

The internet speed test and monitoring features are really good, i recommend this service to all of my clients above any other competing product


Remote support tool

Positive Review by marco1
about Domotz Apr 2016

Domotz is a network monitoring and remote support tool. The interface is really user friendly and you can choose which devices you want to monitor closely by setting up alerts. The remote access feature is good, which enables me to access devices and computer remotely, also the power functionality is really great, because I can reboot devices from remote. I like that Domotz offers a free trial before committing to the service and afterward the subscription is super affordable at only a few dollars a month. If you are helping someone with an IT issue remotely, Domotz is definitely the affordable software to do it with. I also like that the systems can be downloaded for free on an inexpensive Raspberry Pi, so I don’t need to purchase any additional hardware.


Network monitor

Positive Review by captazio
about Domotz Apr 2016

With Domotz I can easily monitor the status of my Office network and Home devices. I use the software to ensure that all technology is consistently working properly and as it should be. I really like the RDP protocol feature which gives me access to all my PC’s remotely, which is convenient as I often travel. The system has really helped me solve problems on my network remotely. Great support team too!