Dolphin Browser Reviews

it is "free" like suicide: neither are good life choices

Disreputable developers.


Dolphin Browser is my new favorite iPhone browser

Dolphin Browser really feels like a part of iOS when you use it, unlike other feature-heavy iPhone browser alternatives such as Atomic Web Browser, 360 Web Browser, or Perfect Browser. When you slide left-to-right, you get a list of your bookmarks, and sliding right-to-left gets you a list of extra functions that didn't fit on the default toolbar. Despite this unusual setup, the swiping feels totally natural. Compared to the unnavigable labyrinth of menus in Atomic Web Browser and Perfect Browser, or the even more confusing circular controls in 360 Browser, Dolphin Browser's setup is great because I can actually tell what I'm doing.

Dolphin Browser also has a gesture mode that allows you to go to certain websites by drawing a picture with your finger. It's a neat feature, but its accuracy is only somewhat acceptable. It can't tell the difference between a 'g' and a 'f', so I ended up getting redirected to Facebook every time I tried to get to Gmail. But once you get things working, using gesture mode may actually be faster and more efficient than typing in a URL, or even swiping open the bookmarks list.

In terms of features, Dolphin Browser is a bit lacking compared to some of its counterparts. It doesn't have Adblock, which all of its competitors carry. It doesn't have Flash, unlike 360 Web Browser or Skyfire. In fact, Dolphin Browser's features list looks tiny in comparison to heavyweights like Atomic Web Browser. Notably, Dolphin Browser can't view the source of a page (not that most people would care), you can't tell Dolphin Browser to spoof an individual browser agent (you can only choose between mobile and desktop mode), you can't increase/decrease font size, you can't save webpages (Instapaper-style) for offline viewing, there's no private-browsing mode (though clearing browsing data is easy as pie), and you can't lock the rotation in landscape mode. But it's not as bad as it sounds-- I found myself enjoying the interface of Dolphin Browser more than I was missing any lost features.