DocFetcher Reviews

Outstanding indexing search, easy to use

Positive Review by vectorspin
about DocFetcher Jun 2016

An absolute necessity when trying to search through a wide variety of different files and formats. It works beautifully for indexing everything in PDFs, Microsoft Office, LibreOffice, and many more. So many search programs claim to support various specific formats or work predictably, but only DocFetcher for some reason seems to work effectively and reliably. For these reasons, this is always the 3rd or 4th program I get installed on every machine I use.


  • This is an indexing search program so it takes some time to get a listing, but after that searches are near-instant
  • At first run, the program needs to create an index. Right-click in the lower left window to grab directories to search. Let it run and then you're good to go.
  • As a Java tool, the program takes a fair amount of disk space, processor, and RAM. As a result, I generally don't have it running at all times, just when I need it.


Positive Review by lebaux
about DocFetcher Jun 2012

This software is very well done. There are many cases one might want to search inside many word/pdf/ppt and other kinds of documents. Great for law firms, school research and such.