his is a set of tools dealing with DjVu, has the following features: File Merge: The loose DjVu...

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his is a set of tools dealing with DjVu, has the following features:

File Merge: The loose DjVu files into a single multi-page DjVu.
File Split: The split multi-page DjVu document into one page.
Page Adjustments: insert, delete, move, rotate, multi-page DjVu in the page.
Generate index: for the folder under the loose DjVu files generated index file, open the index file you can browse all the loose pages of documents, like the loose pages of documents merged into multi-page document. But with multi-page document is different from the index file can not be pegged to bookmark.
PDG turn DjVu: This goes without saying, right?
PDG Compression: For a clear version of the non-destructive compression, or compressed into a fast version of a clear version, or black and white TIFF convert PDG.
DjVu Bookmark treatment: including export bookmarks, to add a bookmark (supports multi-level bookmarks) will be China-US million a.opf, catalog.xml into FreePic2Pdf interface file.
DjVu page width setting: the multi-page DjVu page width or DPI is set to a uniform value.
To the image: The multi-page DjVu each page into an image.
DjVu Text Processing: including OCR (generating searchable hidden text), export text, export the XML text, import XML text, delete the text.
DjVu turn PDF: once the whole DjVu into PDF, and can choose whether to convert bookmarks (directory).
View the DjVu file structure: If you intend to study the internal format DjVu files, this function that is fairly useful, otherwise, or point "display settings" button, hide forget it.
Before using this software, users must first identify the following facts: More Info »

PDG file is the Superstar's proprietary e-book format, need to use the company's exclusive Superstar browser can read it. This article discusses the PDG method of image transfer, only for research purposes, has no intention of Superstar's any form of copyright infringement do not want anyone to use this article to discuss the tools or methods involved in copyright infringement activities. If you need to browse, access to PDG file, such as through the purchase of Dianka approach to legal sources.
This article assumes that the user through the legal means to obtain PDG file, only because of hope than Superstar browser, better, more convenient browser to read, and it does not convert the file out of the proliferation of cases, it will need to PDG file conversion into a DjVu file.
Do not use this software for illegal purposes. The use of this software for all the consequences (including legal consequences) by the users themselves. More Info »

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DjVuToy was added by gink in Feb 2012 and the lastest update was made in Nov 2014. There is a history of activites on DjVuToy in our Change Log and Activity Log. It's possible to update the information on DjVuToy or report it as discontinued, duplicated or spam. If you want a nice widget to put on your website check these out.

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