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Nektony Disk Expert

Disk Expert is a powerful disk space scanning, reporting and processing utility for Mac OSX.

  • Mac OS X

Disk Expert is a powerful disk space scanning, reporting and processing utility for Mac OSX. Disk Expert will provide you with the information you need for better understanding and managing your disk space content.

Disk Expert scans your Hard Drive and visually displays the disk space usage as sunburst diagram, discovers the bulkiest content and generates the list of biggest files and folders found on your Mac.

Disk Expert was designed to help you properly manage the Hard Drives on your Mac. It delivers all the information you need to know about your disk space. More Info »

Disk Expert can do more than just supply you with detailed and accurate information about your disk space content. It helps you to analyze and manage it using the ability to collect files and folders in the special list, from which you can transfer them to other drives or even remove them.

Disk Expert supports HDD volumes, CD and DVD discs, removable USB drives, mounted Disk Images and even SMB disk images.

Top Reasons to Purchase:
•The Fastest scan tool! At least 40% faster than other tools!
•Easy view of available disk space on your hard drive.
•Find out files and folders that take up space.
•Discover files that are rarely used.
•Get rid of stuff you don't need.
•Maintain your hard drive clean and organized.
•Ability to scan disks and custom folders.
•Fast scanning process.
•Visual presentation of results.
•Display and manage biggest files.

The visual way of representing files saves time to get new space. More Info »


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