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best program directory out there without a doubt

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I am rewriting my review again after a few months of using the pro version of this program ($100 for 2 PC liscneses roughly)

PROS (and reasons why its better than anything else in its class)

  • Best in class metadata image data preview -> you can click an image, and havei t display all the information next to it. Extremely useful if you do any sort of image editing like photoshop but don't want to use a dedicated platform for it, such as Adobe Bridge or XNview
  • Best in class metadata text preview -> You can preview contents of an excel file, copy it, without even opening up excel at all. The same is true for text files. You save a lot of time not having to open / close anything up for read-only mode previews. Useful for looking at readme.txt files, previewing word docs, etc
  • Best in class video preview -> Its got a built in VLC-video like player inside of it, so you can preview video clips. This is extremely handy if you want to compile video game clips together and need to preview its contents fast, or if you are doing adobepremierePro /or screencasts/ youtube and need to see what your video files look like very quickly
  • Allows for .EPS / PDF thumbnail previewer using outside extensions. Extremely useful if you write a lot of business docs/ spec sheets/ taxes / accounting / legal things, or if you want to preview your vector files quickly. See for more details
  • Extremely customizable. Can customize quick access toolbar up top, there's dozens of settings for shortcuts here
  • Rich extension support using javascript -> If you need batch commands with directoryopus, there is a community here for that. . No other platform supports this besides directoryopus. Some things include the ability to batch process images on par with adobe photoshop
  • Almost every standard feature you can think of (Folder treepane, FTP file support / directly using command prompt at subfolder, favorites, etc). Not much else to say here except that is supports it
  • Dockable widget support similar to desktop coral. Useful if you want to access directoryopus but don't want to view your whole window with it


  • Its pricy but you get what you pay for and your supporting future development. Honestly $100 for 2 PC liscenses is not a whole lot in how much time I save from using this
  • Its easy to pick up but figuring out how things work for first time might be confusing. Its not that huge of a learning curve but its definitely there, especially if you modify settings I suggest just going on their forum and asking questions / searching through it or the help section


  • Xyplorer -> does not offer metadata preview to my knowledge
  • Total commander -> outdated
  • Clover -> Windows 10 compatability problems

Some additional things:

Their youtube videos are topnotch quality in explaining all of their rich features very quickly. I suggest checking it out here: (all features covered in suually 20 minutes or less)

I highly recommend this program. You aren't a poweruser until you've used this software

I also only named about half the features, there's lots more I haven't even looked into it yet or don't have a use for it

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At a standstill

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I've been a DO user for 5-6 years at least, and it hasn't improved much over that period of time. However, they keep charging for pricey upgrades and simply aren't worth it.

They won't be getting any more money from me.


no competition

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In the realm of File Managers there is no competition in the market to GP-Soft's Directory Opus. Non has such a seamless integration of FTP -Client, compressed file handling, file viewing and macro capabilities. And all very intuitive. This is UX how it is done well. I've not even began to scratch the surface of the rich macro-functionality. Personal favourite: color coding files that haven been change less than a week ago. The only way I can keep up with my editing.

As there are no real GNU/Linux alternatives I've played with fedora, gnubuntu, mint, and arch, but there is simply nothing better.

Directory Opus takes the suck out of Windows.

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Best Program