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This is an excellent program, which I've used for several y ...

Comment by ln8998 about Direct Folders Aug 2010

This is an excellent program, which I've used for several years on Windows XP and now on Windows 7 64-bit. Very handy in many ways, and very much worth trying. There's a small problem with recent versions of Firefox, which I hope the developer will soon find time to fix.


The issue with Firefox is solved (version 3.62)


Version 3.62, the last update to this program, came out in June 2010. My comment (above), posted in August 2010, was based on that version. Direct Folders has not been updated since my comment, and it remains buggy in Windows 7 64-bit--especially, but not entirely, in Firefox. Alas, the developer of this program currently seems more interested in programming in for Android than in developing his Windows apps. Too bad . . .

I still use it, and put up with the occasional bugs, 'cause I can't find anything to replace it.


Yes, and I just tried it in my Windows XP laptop. The Firefox issue is still there, as it has been for more than one year with no fix from the developer. Too bad. Check out Listary . . .


Seems the On Top option does not always work on all windows like a pop out window for Firefox.