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Direct Access

Direct Access text expander software can save you hours of typing every day.

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Direct Access text expander software can save you hours of typing every day. If you write a lot of emails, this text insertion tool is a valuable addition to your PC. With easily created text templates that can be used in any application, you only need to write a brief abbreviation and the software will do the rest. Perfectly suited to customer care, email support, and medical and legal transcription, Direct Access will change the way you work. Direct Access can also open applications and folders, create emails, carry out searches and more. Download a free trial. More Info »

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Unlike Texter and PhraseExpress, Direct Access does text expansion/replacement by pasting instead of typing. This is great for people having sounds assigned to keyboard events via programs like Ksound, because instead of playing a miriad of key stroke sounds in rapid succesion upon expansion, Direct Access just plays one clean key stroke :-)


Wrong. PhraseExpress also offers this quick paste method and it is FREE for personal use.

Check out their manual:

PhraseExpress is MUCH better than DirectAccess.