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Very useful for folks without double monitors

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Really helps productivity and offers a shit-ton of options. It's quite pretty too, for desktop customization freaks.

You need a lot of tweaks to get it to your liking (about 30-60 mins) so give it time.

I don't recommend it for lower-end PCs (which I have). It uses quite a lot of resources at times. I had to disable it for now, until I upgrade my PC later on, but I'll surely be using this again.

If you have double monitors or more, I suggest avoiding virtual desktop switch softwares like this and using double monitor software like DisplayFusion.

Thanks for your thoughts! I've actually spent hours customizing desktops on Linux so 30-60 mins isn't bad. Plus, it's usually fun customizing stuff like this.

Fortunately, Windows 10 now has virtual desktop features built into it. Unfortunately, it seems you lose privacy with Windows 10 so there's a trade off. Virtual desktops or privacy.


This software is full of vius/trojan and should be removed

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As scanned by, this DexPot software is full of threats :-(

Please remove it from our list.

Maybe you got a bad download? Using for quite a while, update regularly, super paranoid aboit virus protection, yet never had a problem.

Maybe no longer dangerous. Recent virustotal scans of installer and portable download show 0 threats, and the website states that they removed some kind of advertising tool (OpenCandy) as of 2016-02-15.



Navigate the settings before you give up

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When I started this program with the default settings, I really didn't like it at all. After reading very positive comments here, I decided to give it another shot. I spent a good 30 minutes looking through all the settings, and now I LOVE it. The plugins are incredible too - it can even do compiz-like transitions! (Though they are too flashy for my tastes.)

I've tried VirtuaWin, WindowsPager, and a couple of others, but this one really does wow me.