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Supposed adware?

Positive Comment by Teleclast about Dexpot Apr 2016

I've had 0 issues with viruses adware/etc, it doesn't behave too well with ObjectDock often, but other than that it works great even with multiple monitors and can be great if you need more than one 'workspace' of sorts. I've used it for over a year this time, and have used it in the past as well.

[Edited by Teleclast, April 14]
My only gripe really are issues with interactions with a few other applications I use (it works with most of them swimmingly), and the fact that dexpot has the possibility to take up a lot of hotkeys which unfortunately... windows also enjoys taking up.


Full of detected viruses from virustotal scan

Comment by namgivu82 about Dexpot Jul 2015

I scanned the installer and the result is here as 8 detected - not recommended to use this app :(


Just want to point out that they seem to have cleaned up the installer. Scanned the current download and found found only one issue 'BehavesLike.Win32.Tool.rc' which sounds benign/expected.



Positive Comment by mvdezz about Dexpot Jan 2013

This is the most beautiful desktop virtualisation program


It can also show miniatures of all your desktops

Comment by DanMan about Dexpot Jun 2011

It can also show a miniature of all your desktops in your task bar's info area, with icons of the open windows on them. You know, like that other OS... ;)


Been using it for some years now, and keeps getting better ...

Comment by DevilishVicious about Dexpot Aug 2010

Been using it for some years now, and keeps getting better and better. Runs smoothly on Win 7 and the plugins give it a nice eye candy. The only "complain" that I have, if you could call it so, are the icons, which are low quality. But maybe I'm just too picky :P All in all, a great piece of software.


Dexpot was a brilliant find, it has installed and works wit ...

Comment by Codewolf about Dexpot Feb 2010

Dexpot was a brilliant find, it has installed and works without any problems on both my XP Pro and Windows 7 Machines and works well with the dual-screen setup on my XP box effectively doubling the desktop capacity (ie if you choose 5 desktops using Dexpot you have the equivalent of 10...all the way up to dexpots 20 desktops giving you the capacity for 40!!)