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Comment by bvrccma
about DesktopOK · Jun 2017 ·

It works with Windows 10 and solves the problem of the desktop icons auto-arranging themselves randomly or after a windows update.

06/2017 - Scanned with latest Comodo anti-virus and Malwarebytes Anti-Malware and was found to be clean (

about DesktopOK and Fences, Desktop Restore · ·

I prefer DesktopOK to Fences:
Fences is very good too and able to group the icons with frames=fences. Frames are not possible with DesktopOK, but groups are possible.
DesktopOK cannot group the icons with frames, is more simple, portable, extremely light weighted and uncomplicated.
With DesktopOK I can arrange the icons around a desktop background picture in the centre of the desktop, and can call back the desktop-icons-positions e.g. from the status 3 or 5 days before. You can store up to 32 icon-posittion-sets.