awesome idea

Positive Review by ahoier
about Jan 2015

the site was a neat idea.....but i think it's broken......i keep getting a forbidden message......yet it shows it online.....

may try and load the file from or google cache, if they have it.....speaking of which, that has been my goto since it died.....

i got 'archive' as a search keyword for wayback machine
cache: search keyword set to pull google cache.....
and cdn: to pull coral cache.....if available.


Good, but maybe dead

Positive Review by endolith
about and Wayback Machine Jul 2013

This is good because

  • it includes multiple sites like google cache, not just wayback machine
  • wayback machine saves error pages, too, not just the pages you actually care about. deadurl lets you mark those as invalid and approve only the ones that have actually interesting content.

Bad because

  • it no longer seems to work