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Comment by nvaughan
about DeaDBeeF · Apr 2017 ·

Simple, handy app. Most alike Foobar2000 I've found for Linux.


Excellent Player

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I really can't find any fault with this one.


DeadBeef 0.6.0, the best alternative to foobar2000 in Linux.

about DeaDBeeF and foobar2000 · ·

As a long time user of Foobar2000 I missed all it's options when I started using Xubuntu (Linux).
If you enjoy pretty interfaces this audio player isn't for you, but if you need a player based in all of foobar2000 strengths then DeadBeef should be your first option as a audio player in Linux.

Out of the box it has Replay Gain, good sound processors and resamplers, It reads as of this version AAC,ALAC,SHN,PSF,APE,FLAC,MPEG 1.2.3,MusePack,WAV,AIFF,TTA,OGG Vorbis,WavPack,VTX,MIDI,WMA,SID,DTS, it supports playlists PLS,M3U.

It also can convert audio files just like foobar2000, for this you should have some encoders installed, Lame for example.

It can read images but foobar still has better support for that, even so it does a good job most of the time.

Can read audio files in ZIP (and RAR if you install a plugin)
Can send information to LastFM and can access it also for similar artist and lyrics via a plugin.

Works better via ALSA because PulseAudio isn't very stable as of this version.

All around its a good audio player based in playlists with good support for cover art.

Tested in Xubuntu 13.10, using a M-Audio 2496 soundcard.