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The best database management for Linux so far, running on Debian 9 Stretch.



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This is by far the best DB UI platform I have ever used, and it works for pretty much any db flavor you can throw at it. Hell, just having the ability to click through on foreign keys sets it into a field of its own. Amazing how I can't find any other good ones with that basic obvious feature.

It is bursting with features and little ease-of-use shortcuts all over the place. The interface is solid and clean, and even easy to navigate without a mouse. The software seems to be very stable and bug free. The only option it's missing that I could think of is the ability to directly look up all tables linking to a foreign key (though you can technically do that via the full db search feature).

I wish the author accepted donations.

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Simple and elegant tool. I use it to talk to Redshift.

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Had no crashes. Seems to have all the needed functionality.

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just saved my life om ubuntu for mssql on azure


Easily bests every (free) competitor.

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The only true competitor to DBeaver is bloated, buggy MySQL Workbench, and it's no contest.

DBeaver is exceedingly fast. It loads quickly and responds instantly, never freezing the UI for nebulous or dubious reasons.

DBeaver is exceedingly stable. I haven't had a single freeze, crash, hiccup, or glitch of any kind.

DBeaver has legion more features.

DBeaver is even significantly prettier than the alternatives.

If there are any disadvantages, it's the lack of solid documentation. Than again, I haven't found I need any.