Dada Mail Reviews

Excellent Set Of Features and Support

Positive Review by texarc
about Dada Mail May 2016

I've done newsletters for my state archery association since around 1999, which is when I migrated the organization from a printed and snail-mailed newsletter to digital emailing. That is a lot of words and photos over the years!
I tested Dada Mail out a couple of years ago, and saw the potential in a huge feature-set and liked it. I did the install myself successfully, but some of the plug-ins and configurations were above my head. Also, I'm not greatly handy with all the aspects of my ISP's cPanel controls and have gotten "up the creek without the paddle" on a few occasions. Justin has always been able to perform a therapeutic rescue for me, providing patient, timely, and effective support.
To be honest, there ARE so very many features in Dada Mail you need to pay attention and read the docs to be able to get the most useful performance.
When I have either created a problem for myself, or my ISP has in at least one instance done so, also when my list of subscribers became so large as to be a problem, I was very happy paying a modest fee to use Justin's services to install upgrades and tweak the configuration, as my ISP is most frustratingly NOT the most helpful. Fortunately, Justin is and he really knows the entire newsletter system that Dada Mail is a major part of, not just his own product.
I am also very happy to know that my newsletters are in compliance (subscribe, unsubscribe, legal statements, etc.) without me having to do things manually the way I USED to. I have tried some of the "alternatives", but I would still go back to Dada Mail if I had to start over again.


Dada Mail long time user, flawless features

Positive Review by darrenstanger
about Dada Mail Apr 2016

We've been using Dada Mail for several years now to keep our orienteering club members informed about events and other news. For about five years now, Dada Mail has worked flawlessly for us without requiring support. The feature set is robust and meets our modest requirements, yet the product is clearly scalable as our organization membership continues to grow. It integrates well with our Joomla installation and looks nice on our website. Service from Justin at Dada Mail is superb! He is very responsive. The website is often updated with news and important information about the product. The documentation is clear and easy to read. Sometimes, I watch the videos and read the documentation to make sure that I haven't missed anything and am using the product to its fullest capacity for our requirements.


Dada Mail Software Ranks as the Best

Positive Review by LeeUnder
about Dada Mail Oct 2013

The Dada Mail software is the best I have used, and I have been using it for 10 years+, beginning when it had another name. It's very simple to use yet offers many advanced features. I use it for several mailing lists, including one having over 10,000 subscribers. Set-up is very easy to do; as stated, if you have set-up websites and scripts you will have no problem installing Dada Mail or its extensions and plugins.

If you do have any problems, help is just a forum post away. Any time I have asked Justin for help he has always given a quick, detailed response. I have also seen him patiently help others who did not understand how to do something, even if he had to explain it more than once. The service is beyond what I have found with many other software support staff.

I would recommend Dada Mail for anyone wanting to gain control of their mailing list. It's integration with Amazon SES makes it very attractive to those who have large lists. Controlling your mailing list makes its implementation and day-to-day activities much easier.


Dada Mail is great

Positive Review by kohenkatz
about Dada Mail and phpList, Mailman Jul 2013

I have been using Dada Mail Pro for several lists for many years, and I find it a pleasure to use. Documentation for setup is detailed and easy to follow, and every new release has more automation replacing the need to edit configuration files manually. Justin is very responsive on the user/developer email list, about bugs, setup issues, and documentation. The overall design is much easier to use (not to mention better looking) than Mailman and phpList, and hosting it yourself is cheaper and more customizable than using one of the many hosted services.


Dada Mail Pro

Positive Review by MaryAnnK
about Dada Mail Jul 2013

I have been using Dada Mail for almost a decade (since before it was Dada Mail) and love it. It is a great alternative to fee-based mailing list programs and has many useful features. I've watched Dada grow from a simple mailing program to a robust app that handles scheduled mailings, clickthrough tracking, folder protection (this is one of my favorite new features), discussion lists, and more. Justin has always been responsive and continues to add and improve features as well as tighten up the code. He is active on the developer mailing list for Dada and if he isn't immediately available, one of the other members can often help. I highly recommend Dada Mail.


Dada Mail Pro - Am asking for refund from my credit card bank.

Negative Review by drdonzi
about Dada Mail Jun 2013

The software per se is excellent. But! To get the extra plugins to work, it is extremely frustrating. And Justin is no help. You're on your own with only a set of very, very contradictory instructions. I have since removed it from my host server and am asking for a refund from my credit card bank. Don Saar, Relativity Calculator,