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d7 is a decent app but d7ii just ruined that. Nick didn't help much either

Negative Review by RemainAnonimous
about D7II Sep 2014

d7ii is the sequel to d7. d7 had some minor issues but was over all fine. d7ii did improve some of these issues but added some of it's own that did not exist before. When it was first introduced it had a price of $299 for on year but the price has since been changed to a slightly lower amount. This subscription base is completely different from the one time payment of d7. Just like d7, d7ii is almost entirely made up of third party apps meaning that d7/d7ii is just a collection of apps available elsewhere but joined together for convenience. As to the pricing scheme I guess the question is, would you pay a monthly subscription just to get some freeware bundled?

Then next major thing to discuss here is the softwares "creator" Nick. Unlike the creator of another popular system repair tool, Nick will not work with you unless you agree with him. If you do not agree with him completely, he thinks you are an idiot and will share that opinion with you. For instance, I purchased d7ii and after using it determined it was not worth the price over d7 as it offered nothing new and in some ways made things harder. Nick refunded my money but included a note that I should never attempt to buy anything from him again as my money was not welcomed there. Before you comment on this, consider this. Nick is in the business to make money as we all are. Now image if you ordered something from Newegg and it was not right so you asked for you money back. Now imagine they gave you your money back but sent you a letter telling you they never wanted to do business with you again. Not very professional is it?

In conclusion, d7 was a pretty good tool, d7ii reduced the quality and raised the price but worst of all the author, in my opinion, thinks everyone is a total idiot but him. If this is some one you want to do business with, give d7 a try. Otherwise, there are better tools out there both in functionality and creator attitude.