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Seems to be good!

about Cyberfox · · 2 Helpful

Thank you for introducing Cyberfox here!
This is something new for me since I've stopped using Chrome and I don't notice any changes yet but what I was glad to see was the notification that website may trick you. That was new! I have to work a lot with confidential information stored on secured virtual data room called Ideals and it is essential for me to know that I am browsing safely.


Fast 64bit FireFox, Addons Work

about Cyberfox · · 2 Helpful

All the addons tried so far are working and it feels fast.


Finally a decent x64 implementation of Fox

Comment by GTLC
about Cyberfox · Oct 2015 · 2 Helpful

I've set this up with all the same extensions I had in Firefox and already it feels snappier and more responsive using it.

Good work, 8pecxstudios!



about Cyberfox · · 1 Helpful

Best alternative to FF, optimized for x64-x32processors Intel or AMD....!!!

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^ ^

about Cyberfox and Waterfox, Mozilla Firefox · · 2 Helpful

Cyberfox is a great alternative to Mozilla Firefox. It runs smoothly on x64 computers, stable, no issues compared to Waterfox which caused me some issues. I'd sincerely recommend switching over to it and test it for yourself, it's really nice!