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Portable version for Windows ...

about Cyberduck and CarotDAV, FileZilla, WinSCP · ·

... would be fantastic. Filezilla, CarotDAV, WinSCP, etc all have portable versions, yet the likes of FOSS Cyberduck doesn't.


WORSE than an Adware...

about Cyberduck · ·

A begging window jumps in your face by every software update....

Nice: clap-clap-clap

Not a surprise at all: Apple friend software

Stay away from it!

Gross exaggeration!

Cough up to keep GOOD open source software going --- or just freeload like so many.

To call Cyberduck "Adware" is nothing less than libellous!

Adware - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Defamation - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia



about Cyberduck and CloudBerry Explorer · ·

I've used CloudBerry Explorer for awhile, and moving from that to this feels like changing out a Ferrari for a Humvee. Cyberduck feels so sluggish compared to CloudBerry Explorer.



about Cyberduck · ·

36 languages! really cool app. Use it everyday!


Constantly runs out of memory

about Cyberduck · ·

If Cyberduck is the best freeish cloud app available for windows, cloud users are doomed. Unless you wish to load a very small amount of small files into a directory also containing only a small amount of files, expect to get nowhere. I wish I could like it, but it basically never works.

For "freeish" read "free"

I've only tried it with Google Drive, it doen't works very well, I usually try to use opensource software but since I discovered Insync ( ) ... it is worth it to pay if you use Google Drive sync a lot.


Easy FTP client

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Cyberduck for mac is an easy to use FTP client for which works really well.


The best ftp on windows for sure. If you are fillezilla use ...

Comment by tmmy
about Cyberduck · Jun 2011 ·

The best ftp on windows for sure. If you are fillezilla user it will be so easy to jump with import to cyberduck.


I think this is the best FTP-and-more browser ever, althoug ...

Comment by Vii
about Cyberduck · Jun 2011 ·

I think this is the best FTP-and-more browser ever, although I have not tried Transmission. But Cyberduck is free and open source, so I have no need to look for more. I love it.