CubicExplorer Reviews

Super-customizable view of your files and your computer

Positive Review by vectorspin
about CubicExplorer Jun 2016

The real usefulness of this program depends on two things:

  1. You have a lot of files on your computer on all different topics
  2. You want to be able to access them quickly and in a customizable format

If you're in this position, the bookmarking system in CubicExplorer isn't just intelligent, it's genius. Arranging files, web links, and programs by topical trees is just such a fantastic feature, once you start using it, there's just no going back. I can't believe how it simplified my work at more than one job now, giving me quick access to the wealth of tools and information on my machine. Although the program has some minor issues like an undo function, file preview, and the fact that it appears to have ended development, it's irreplaceable. Hopefully someone picks up the open code for this project and continues work. Just as I donated to the original project, I'd definitely give to it's successor.


CubicExplorer -- a perfect file management program

Positive Review by russellenglish
about CubicExplorer Feb 2016

This is the first alternative file management app that I consider a worthhile replacement for Windows Explorer.
Registering (or unregistering) as WinExp replacement is as simple as buttons in CubicExplorer -> Options.
Customizing is almost infinite -- drag rearrange the GUI -- customize keyboard shortcuts -- customize toolbars.
Then there are bookmarks (drag and drop) even group bookmarks in custon folders.
FileFind feature is not brilliant, needs some work -- file contents find is very slow and inaccurate.

For my needs CubicExplorer with a third party file-contents-finder (FileSearchEX) is a perfect combo
CubicExplorer is a well designed program. Suits my small office needs perfectly.