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You can use Cubby via WebDAV & behind a Proxy

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Your cloud-enabled cubbies are available via the Cubby WebDAV server

  • So you can reach them from any WebDAV compatible device or application.
  • This feature is an advantage over DropBox, which is not syncable with WebDAV
  • Go to and log in with your Cubby user name (email) and password.
  • No external WebDAV account is required.
  • Your Cubby user name (email) and password are the WebDAV account.
    Note: Cubby WebDAV is a beta release.

Better than DropBox: Use it as a portable app and with individual folder selection

  • Dropbox has only one folder with subfolders to sync. Cubby can sync many individually
    selectable folders in different drives or folders.
  • Unlike DropBox you can download Cubby from from and
    install Cubby also on a normal account without admin rights,
    because the installation is done to to C:\Users\UserName\AppData\Roaming\cubby instead
    of C:\Program Files. The footprint is only 10 MB
    You can also copy Cubby from C:\Users\UserName... as a portable app to ...\LiberKey\myApps
    and Cubby works as a portable app, which you can not do with dropbox.
    Dropbox needs admin rights, otherwise you can not use it.
  • Cubby has also a setting for the proxy-IP and password, so it works also inside from
    company-networks connected to the internet over a proxy.

WebDAV-Set up on Windows:
- In Windows Explorer, click Map Network Drive.
- Enter .
- Log in using your Cubby email and password.

Cubby works behind a proxy (as Dropbox also does)

To change proxy settings:

  • On Windows, right-click the Cubby icon on your system tray
  • and select Settings,
  • then click the proxy tab.

Until Dec. 2013 you can download the Cubby Desktop-app (also working as a portable app) with 5GB free online-storage from .


Worthy alternative to Windows Live Mesh / FolderShare

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Finally a reputable company building a file sync SW that has the key functionality:
- Sync any directory you want
- ability to configure sync of each folder to each device separately and the cloud separately.

Little rough around the edges on certain things like:
- details / logging of sync
- web interface of cloud stored files can use a couple of updates.

Otherwise really really good and am happy now there is an alternative to Windows Live Mesh / FolderShare given MS has dropped support for it with it's dumbed down version of Skydrive.