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I "install" it on every computer I touch

Positive Comment by LorDestinY
about CrystalDiskInfo May 2017

I use the portable version, since it works out of the box, without the need of installation.

Lightweight and full of features is a must have to every computer that uses mechanical or SSD drives.

Lifesaver when the disk health is in danger and warns the user about the eminent failure.


32bit over 64bit version

Positive Comment by ruedigerzwarg
about CrystalDiskInfo Jan 2016

Be aware that the 32bit version has a lot more features (both 32 and 64 in zip (exe?)):
- Alerts
- Temperatures in notification area of task bar
- etc.


CrystalDiskInfo is a good program, don't let the installer put you off

Positive Comment by Windows2000
about CrystalDiskInfo Oct 2014

CrystalDiskInfo is an excellent S.M.A.R.T. diagnostic tool with full capabilities and a nice user interface. It's a shame it's flagged as unsafe here on because it's a great piece of software, it just has an optional Conduit toolbar bundled with the .exe installer version.

Unfortunately nowadays that is not uncommon, even Java Runtime Environment does this with their McAfee etc. bundled crap on the installer.


Installer tries to sneak in Conduit spyware -1 Helpful

Comment by Seth
about CrystalDiskInfo Jun 2014

The standard edition installer from bundles the Conduit search protection spyware, beware.


Shizuku power -1 Helpful

Positive Comment by EminoMeneko
about CrystalDiskInfo Dec 2012

I like this app and I always take the zipped Shizuku Edition. ;)
Really Nice.